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Monday, December 20, 2010

Day One Hundred Seventy-Three

I'm going to share with you my Christmas decorations! Don't get too excited though! But first, I'll give you a brief on my day.

I started the day running *figuratively*, first talking to Brandon, catching up on blogs, and then hopping around the house like a maniac. I had less than two hours to do a lot of stuff before work. I checked in for my flights tomorrow though!! So then I went to work from 9 to 2 (originally scheduled until 4 but I won a contest so I got 2 paid hours off. Yay). I was kind of grumpy for most of it because I was stressing out. I get like this before trips. Well, before flights. I'm still a bit nervous.

Of course, it's been pouring rain all day. I walked to Clothing & Sales - in the rain. Then I walked back to my car - in the rain. Then I went home, changed, came back, walked to the PX and Commissary - in the rain. I managed to get some snacks for the flight and other needed trinkets, including a rawhide for my baby puppy. Aw, I'll miss him!

Oh, and sometime after I got home I went on a frantic search for my ski goggles. They had to be somewhere. I found Brandon's yesterday but I wanted mine! So I tore apart the guest room, and then the office, and then the upstairs hall closet and the downstairs hall closet, before I found them in the garage. Geez. And by tearing apart, I really mean that... I left no book unturned, no box unopened. But I found them! Where I originally suspected them to be...

I think I'm ready to go now. At least physically. Mentally? Hm...

Now onto Christmas decorations. I don't have many decorations and I really only put out half this year. Keep that in mind when you see my "decorating."

Christmas cards

More Christmas cards and a Santa that is also a candle holder

My advent calendar. Brandon thinks I'm silly to get these even now, but we always had them as children! I'm gonna eat the rest of these chocolates tomorrow. Yummy.

My tree. He's seen better days. I didn't even bother to fluff his branches this year - festive, huh? The bottom part used to lit up before I got an evil kitty who chews on wires. I think what's lacking here is a tree skirt, some gifts, more ornaments, a star on top, and... a new tree.

Aaaaand... that's it. I know, you're impressed. ;) I hope one day to build up my collection a bit more. Donations accepted hehe.

Alright, wish me luck tomorrow. Hope for good weather at all my connections and NO DELAYS. Oh goodness, I can't afford a delay...


  1. Blah on this rainy icky weather!
    Wyatt used to chew on wires and cords too... I swear he and Winston were separated at birth!
    Good luck with your travels tomorrow, I loathe flying too!


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