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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day One Hundred Seventy-One

I've hit that point in the deployment. You know, THAT point. When you stop shaving your legs. It was bound to happen eventually. I had held on for a long time but then I'd skip a day, and then two, and then three. Ok, ok, I don't not shave ALL the time. I am in Hawaii, after all, so I'll shave if I know I'm wearing shorts or capris, but when I work for a few days in a row there's just no point. Right? It's not like anyone will be touching them!

I got hit by a random pang of loneliness tonight. I need a Brandon hug!

I had a good day, otherwise. I woke up and had an awesome financial meeting with my advisor (aka Brandon). We sorted some things out and we have some great plans. Yay. I had to break our meeting up for another engagement - I had to pick up Christina and her family from their cabin on the beach!

I took pains to take a photo for you all. This is the view from behind their cabin:

Ahh Hawaii.

Before we could leave we had to see Santa coming into the beach on a jetski! Unfortunately, they had him coming in a ways down the beach than originally planned, so we booked it down there so baby Marcus could get a picture with Hawaiian santa. It was kind of fun. On our way back to the car I was carrying Marcus and navigating over rocks when my toe caught on one. Sorry, no pictures of that! Haha. It's nice and bloody. It didn't hurt until I cleaned it either... hmm.

Christina's parents are so nice, they wanted to treat me to lunch to repay me for driving them everywhere. We headed over to the Kona Brewing Company! It was delicious. We each got a special beer - I got the Lavaman Red Ale - and a yummy meal - the fish tacos for me!

Chantal: I need to take more pictures for my blog! I've been lacking!
Christina: I noticed.
Chantal: *snap*

Once home, I helped her family decorate the tree! It was fun, especially since mine didn't take much decorating and I was sort of missing out. I realized I need way more ornaments and decorations. We are pizza afterwards. Anyway, here's the tree:

Now I'm home listening to Dexter and Winston wrestle and watching Love Actually. I love this movie! It's sort of Christmasy, right? (Did you know Christmasy is a word?)

I'm at 111 followers now! Hi everyone! Introduce yourself if you haven't! :D


  1. Love Actually is one of my favorite Christmas movies! :) That & The Holiday.

    Popped over from Amanda & Don's SATW. I hope your coughing has gone away!

  2. I laughed when I read the first paragraph because thats so me haha

    Hope your toe heals fast, toe pain is annoying

    *Im probably one of the few that hasnt seen Love Actually :(

  3. Hello there,
    I am your newest follower. I look forward to reading more about you. Please feel free to check out my blog @

  4. Hello, I just started following you as well. I am a new army wife and look forward to hearing about the adventures you endure.



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