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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day One Hundred Seventy-Five

Hello from Colorado!

I have spent the last two hours being chased by two little boys with Nerf guns. My nephew Blake wanted me to run and then die when he shot me. How sweet, huh? ;)

Here's a quick review of my flights:
1. 5 hours to Los Angeles. Had an empty seat between me and another girl, who just passed out and then later complained about Delta being slow and possibly missing her connection. Plenty of turbulence because of storms. 20 min layover.
2. 1 hour 15 min to Salt Lake City. Another empty seat between me and a bald guy who asked me a lot of questions. Creepy? Plenty of turbulence! 30 min layover.
3. 1 hour 15 min to Colorado Springs. Sat beside a nice college student from Washington who was flying home for Christmas too. Even though we were on a small plane, it was the smoothest flight and the best landing. Yay.

So today was a busy day! I had to meet my stepbrother and his boyfriend Mike at the Outdoor Rec office at the Air Force Academy to rent skis and buy our lift tickets. We had to meet at 9:30. I was running a bit late because I had to drive my stepdad's Saab and it sucks. And the weather has been beautiful today. Not. Haha. Cold and a bit snowy. Mostly just COLD.

Nice huh?

After we got our skis we went to Target for a bit, then I jumped over to Chipotle to meet Brandon's mom and sister for lunch. Ahhh Chipotle. It was as delicious as I remembered!

Best burrito ever.

After lunch we went to the knitting store because Brandon's mom is going to knit me some new slippers! I chose purple and a light green as my colors - they're so pretty. I can't wait to get them! Here's me spinning the yarn into a ball:

I then met my stepbrother at the university and we walked around to see all the new buildings that were finished when I left. Wow! It's changed! I wish I were back in school. I was anxious to leave for a lot of reasons, but I really liked going to school. It's starting to look like a real university now!

I came back home and hung out, helped my mom with a test, played with my nephews, relaxed. They were scared of me at first but when I started helping them with the Nerf gun they opened up. They've been shooting that thing for hours... mostly at me, but whatever, at least they're liking me! And they remembered my name too. They're so big I can't believe it!

Alright, I should go to bed soon. I have to get up nice and early to head up into the mountains. I hope the weather pans out!

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  1. Never been to Chipotle but I've heard great things. Hopefully there will be one at our next duty station!


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