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Monday, December 6, 2010

Day One Hundred Fifty-Nine

Happy Monday, all!! How are you? How is your spouse doing? Or your family? I'd love to hear!

I had just a wonderful day today. I can't complain - except for maybe this full tummy I have. More on that later.

The day started out nice and bright. I decided to restart the Runner's World beginning running program again, the one that I had started last week but stopped because of the rain. It went very well! My left foot hurt a bit but not nearly as bad. Hopefully it gets me back in shape. When I got home, I was able to chat with Brandon for some time. He got a Christmas box from his family and loves it. I'm so glad that he isn't feeling too down during this Christmas season.

I had to make a quick run by work to pick up the Scentsy I had ordered at a party a few weeks ago. My house smells so yummy!

I ordered two plug in's: The Lei and the Rustic Star. My scents? Camu Camu, Guava Nectar, Citrus Sun Tea, Kahiko Hula, Perfectly Pomegranate, Just Peachy Ginger (burning downstairs) and My Dear Watson (burning upstairs). They're all really fruity, tasty smells, except for the last one. The only way I can describe that one is man smell. The way Brandon should smell after PT. ;) (Aw, I love you, honey!)

Now my house doesn't smell like dog! Yay!

Before I left for the day, I ordered a new writing software for my computer called Scrivener. It helps organize your entire work, complete with side-by-side editing, notes, and chapter breaks. I'm not trying to promote it or anything, I just got a 50% off coupon for finishing NaNoWriMo and thought "Why not?" I've been messing with it a bit, but I need to play more with it soon.

Anyway, Christina came and picked me up. We planned on going to Whole Foods today. You have to make a day of it here because, if you're going on a weekday, you have to go down there after the rush-hour traffic is done and before it starts again. This gives you a window of like 5-6 hours, no joke, and the drive takes a good 45 minutes to an hour. We made a stop at jiffy Lube for an oil change (they were real nice and quick!) and then headed on our way.

The drive is well worth it, I'll tell you. Sure, we were going for Whole Foods, but our other big reason? Lunch at The Counter. Again, this is another place you definitely have to hit up in Hawaii. The burgers here are delicious! It's a build-your-own-burger place, though they do have pre-built ones, I always have to make my own. Their ingredients are fresh and all-natural (from what I understand).

Whoops, there I go being all endorsy again!

We got fries as a starter - sweet potato fries and parmesan fries. DELICIOUS.

Nope, that bun is supposed to look weird - it's a taro bun! It's purple, and I sure love purple. I got a turkey burger with basil pesto sauce, sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts and black olives. Oh, with melted brie on top and avocado. It was so fresh, so light, and all the flavors went so well together. I'll definitely be dreaming about this tonight.

We shopped around Whole Foods a bit (there's only one on the island) and I picked up some avocados for a coworker and a Stevia-sweetened soda (I only use Stevia as a sweetener because of my hypoglycemia). Then we went to the dessert section. Yikes, temptation. Christina got a yummy-looking canoli and I got a small cup of strawberry lemonade gelato!

We beat the traffic home and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out. Dexter is passed out after a day with two walks (one of which was partly a run) and playing with Kimber. I am watching The Sing-Off and basking in the after glow of a good day. :)

How was your day?

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