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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day One Hundred Fifty-Eight

Ah, a typical Sunday. Well, deployment Sunday, anyway. When Brandon was home we would usually go to the beach one day out of the weekend, and the other we would spend doing errands and hanging out at home. Now? I spend my Sundays going, going, going!

I started with a bike ride. I totally got passed as I was going by a faster bike, but whatever, I was enjoying my time. Plus, I'm riding a mountain bike and everyone else has road bikes, enough said. Back home, I showered and readied myself for the day, then made a quick run to the grocery store for the essentials. In between all this, I was chatting with Brandon. <3

Before lunch, Christina picked me up and we headed down south to hit up Target, Petco and Costco! Our first stop, though, was at Aloha Salads, a yummy salad restaurant with tons of options and great ingredients. I got the "Aloha Passion" salad, filled with walnuts, dried cranberries, papaya, other yummy junk, lettuce, tossed with a fruity dressing. Delicious! If you're ever in Hawaii and want a good salad, hit this place up.

At Target, I bought a toy for Toys for Tots (I've been into giving to charity lately...), and an ornament for an exchange we're doing. At Petco, it was dog food for Dexter (holy expensive!). Then Costco? Christina did her regular shopping and I picked up Finding Nemo on sale and a pack of toys for Dexter, which he loves, by the way. This pack came with 7 toys and I took one out after the other and he was just going insane. Now I think I can hear him heartily destroying them! Hopefully they last a little while!

I finally cleaned my house, once I did get home. My bathrooms and floors look beautiful! I made a quick run over to my neighbors to chat before I settled down to relax. Have I ever told you how awesome my neighbors are? Not only are they very nice, they have watched Dexter several times (and will be watching him when I'm gone for Christmas) and they feed me too! Leilani sent over a big tupperware full of spaghetti for me tonight and it was soooo good, I had seconds! I'm very lucky to have such nice neighbors and I'll really miss them when we/they leave!

I've been catching up on my shows now and just relaxing while the laundry finishes. I started watching The Last Song but got bored only ten minutes in (I forgot I don't like Miley Cyrus...), so now I think I'll do some plotting on this new novel idea and maybe get some reading done. I don't work tomorrow either! Yay!

Keep an eye out for my new meme, showing up tomorrow morning!

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