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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day One Hundred Eighty-Two

Grab a calculator. Open it up. Type in 365 and then divide it in half. How much is that? Look up at the title of this blog post.

Yep! Halfway!

Six months will officially be on Saturday, which is the first of the month, but today technically is halfway. I've been looking forward to 182 days since Day One. Why? Because One Hundred Eighty-Two means that now every day that passes, I'm on the downhill. Now I have R&R to look forward to, and then him coming home, and every month that passes means less months ahead than before. Halfway means that it's looking up from here!

I had a good, relaxing day with my family. I slept in and then we hung out pretty much all morning and into the early afternoon. Later, my mom, sister Jessica, her husband Andy and I went to see How Do You Know? at the theatres. It was so-so. Then we had an AMAZING dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Wow, I missed that place too!

We rounded out this wonderful night with Yatzee and then Bananagrams. Games are so much fun with my family. I only have one more day left here in Colorado and tonight is the last night with my mom. Tomorrow I'll be at my in-laws because they live right near the airport. I'll miss being around family, but I'll be glad to be home and back to my babies!


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