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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day One Hundred Twenty-Six

So let me tell you about my day!

After the spouses club board meeting I went to Courtney's house to hang out with her and Michelle. After awhile we decided to order some pizza from Domino's, ignoring my diet week, of course. ;) I have a thing for pizza!

First Problem: The lady taking our order was dumb. Seriously. She couldn't understand anything we said.
Second Problem: Our Chicken/Bacon with white sauce ended up coming as a Chicken with white sauce. No bacon? Geez! So we called back and asked for another one to be sent to us.
Third Problem: While waiting for the new pizza we couldn't resist the broken pizza, so we each had a piece. Well, I was eating mine and after a couple bites I noticed this in the dough....

Yes. That's a screw.

I'm sure you're all freaking out right now, huh? ;) I calmly pulled it out, looked at it, promptly showed my friends, and then after a few OMG's and lots of LOL's, we called Domino's back and told them, "Hey, there was a screw in our pizza. Refund?" So yeah, we got a refund and our new pizza. I took a few pictures and sent an email to Domino's customer service!

Of course, this should turn me off of Domino's for life, right? Well, I still love their pizza, so I might still eat it...

Anyway, post-screw debacle, Courtney and I took a trip to the PX and then down to the outlet mall, where we both bought some cute clothes at Charlotte Russe, my weakness. Later tonight, Brandon and I got to voice-chat! It was pretty nice! His webcam is still broken but the sound of his voice always makes me feel much better. So yeah! It was a fairly interesting day for me!


  1. OMG!!! a screw?!?!?! that is SO bad.

  2. What the hell?!?! Haha my jaw completely dropped when I saw the pic. PS: Chicken/Bacon on white sauce is AMAZING!! (Hold the screws, please!)


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