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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirty-Three

Ahh, sweet blissful sleep. For the most part. I caved last night and took some Tylenol Simply Sleep, leftover from my college days of sleepless nights caused by anxiety and depression. I was really looking for our Melatonin, the more natural and subtle sleep helper, but it's gone run off! Did you take it, Brando?

So yeah, I popped some pills and slept until 6:30, like usual. I got mad at Dexter for growling at me, told him to lay down (which he did), and then slept for another half hour until he started chasing Winston up and down the stairs. I reconciled myself to the fact that they'll probably do it all morning, so I drug myself out of bed and started my day!

Anyway, I wanted to go to kickboxing and it started at 8:30! It kicked my butt, but it's such a great feeling afterwards, there's no describing it. A weird phenomena that came from working out this morning? I wasn't hungry. Ok, ok, this doesn't seem that odd for most people, but for me... it is. See, I have hypoglycemia and as a result, I have to eat about every two hours before my blood sugar plummets. About 10:30 I ate a bowl of cereal and then... nothing. I had 3 pieces of gum until I got myself to eat a salad with some turkey on top at about 3pm. Oh, then I had an apple. Then I snacked a bit at book club, but I really wasn't that hungry. I mean, geez. what's up with that? It was nice but very odd.

Hm, ok, well I had a very productive day. I sent Brandon his Thanksgiving package with a makeshift Thanksgiving "meal" in it (he already knows what I sent, so I'll tell you: turkey jerky, craisins, potato chips and pumpkin bread). I know he'll get a meal there, but I had planned to send him something for awhile and darn it, I did. I also completed my substitute teaching stuff!! Finally! I can officially sub in the state of Hawaii. Kind of makes me nervous now...

So now I am catching up on my DVR'd Country Music Awards! I wish Brandon liked country... I know you can, honey! Just give it a chance!

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  1. That's great about the kickboxing! Ever since I started working out, I haven't been hungry hardly at all either...and I have hypoglycemia too! Actually my boyy and I both have it. So I feel ya girl :)

    Hope you have a great day today!


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