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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirty-Seven

This morning Brandon and I had another movie date. It was my turn to choose the movie and I decided on an old classic...

Why? Because of my newfound obsession with this book series...

Of which I am currently reading the second book, Dragonfly in Amber.

After the movie date was over, I walked the dogs and finally did the dishes that have been stacking up on my counter. Did I tell you my dishwater is broken and they can't come fix it until the 30th? Well, yeah, I'm hand-washing everything. I called my grandparents to say hi and then set the timer for an hour of writing. Wow, was that ever draining! But I wrote about 2000 words in that hour and am completely satisfied with it. :)

Then I headed downtown to one of the big malls there to meet my coworkers for lunch/dinner. We were celebrating the promotion of another coworker who was also leaving us for another job... if that makes any sense. Her job is the promotion! Anyway, we went here:

It was only my second time ever going there, but it sure was yummy. I filled myself with an appetizer and then proceeded to my dinner:

Ok, that's a dramatization of my meal... but it was a fish sandwich. Delicious! The fries on the side were great too. We rounded out the meal with a cookie cake that they had brought for my coworker.

After our meal I headed towards my car, stopping at Barnes & Noble's real fast to see if there were any updates for my nook. Sadly, they were offering a free smoothie with your nook, but I was so full, I couldn't manage to get one! Darn! And I never get down to Barnes & Noble's since it's at least 45 minutes away... ah well. I then went down to a pet accessories store looking for a certain type of dog collar I want to get Dexter (it's made by Dublin Dogs. I think I'll just order it online though). Instead, I came out with these:

Yeah, that's a border collie pen. How can you resist?!

Then when I got home I picked up poop (sorry, no picture for that...) and then the landscaper and I mowed the jungle/lawn. I am now just sitting and relaxing, I feel sort of drained! Must be the fish sandwich. ;)

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  1. I love the pen and sign - I have a friend who would like them!


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