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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirty-Nine

I have a bad history of oil changes.

For my first oil change in Colorado Springs, only months after I had moved there for college, I went to Jiffy Lube. Dante, my '87 Acura Integra, needed a quick fix! So I'm sitting in the waiting room reading some months-old magazine when one of the mechanics comes out with a rubber belt in his hand. He says, "This is your air conditioning belt" and I fought the urge to say "Um, why is it in your hand?" Apparently it was broken... anyway, I said, "No thanks, my dad will fix it."

Sometime later I decided to try out Wal-Mart for an oil change. They had done it before and it went well, so I said, sure! So after wandering around the store for awhile I come back to find that nope, they didn't change my oil because they didn't have an oil filter for it. Um, thanks guys. On to Jiffy Lube again...

(insert instance where I'm driving my mom's car, Regan the '03 Hyundai Accent, and the oil light comes on. I guess I was all out of oil.... whoops.)

Years later (ok, like maybe two...), I'm in Georgia and my new car, Ignatius, the '01 VW Passat that I currently own, needs an oil change. I decided to try out Wal-Mart because surely the one in Georgia couldn't be the same as the one in Colorado. This Wal-Mart didn't fill me with as much rage as the other! But alas, not so. I go back to the counter after an hour of wandering the store. They say, "We tried calling you over the intercom" and I said, "Um, no you didn't" and they shrug, saying, "We don't have a filter for your car so we couldn't do the oil change." Ok, I gave them the '87 but seriously, the '01? C'mon. When I get home I checked my oil because I had a nagging feeling about something. Oh, look at that, absolutely dry. Thanks Wal-Mart for not even filling my oil back up after you DRAINED it.

Oh, lastly, that guy I sometimes live with (aka Brandon, my lovely husband) tried to change the oil in Ignatius and got super duper angry because the oil filter is hidden, sort of mystical, and takes superpowers to unscrew.

All this wind-up brings me to today. Brandon's been nagging me to get an oil change since, like, when he left, so I finally called Goodyear and decided to go. I got their Fall Car Care Package, which included an oil change and other maintenance stuff, and asked them to check out my brakes for me because they're being wacky.

He comes back with a list: I need new tires, new rear brake pads, a brake fluid flush, a safety inspection (stupid Hawaii and their rules), and some other tiny little things. You know, it only comes out to almost $1000.

Ever seen this? (crappy quality, but you can hear him fine!):

To be honest, the mechanic was really nice and helpful, telling me exactly what's going on. He didn't throw any hidden prices in there. Seeing as my dad's a mechanic, I respect the guys, if they're respectful to me as a woman. You know the deal, sometimes they think they can get around you somehow (see Jiffy Lube guy above), but this guy answered all my questions and spoke to me like I knew what I was talking about! Which I really didn't, I had rehearsed with Brandon a bit... I know enough about cars to get by...

Anyway, I was there for 4 hours. The first two hours were great! I went to Starbucks, got a Passion Shaked Iced Tea, wrote about 2200 words in my NaNoWriMo novel, had a chocolate croissant, it was nice. Then I went to Ross and got a cuuuteee dress (I'm turning into a girl!) and a pair of cheap headphones since Winny ate my last ones. I went back after these two hours and sat in the waiting room reading and waiting. And waiting. Waiting some more.

I was grumpy and got some Popeyes on the way home. Let's hope this all doesn't make Brandon grumpy!

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  1. I hate when the mechanic tries to pull one over on me! Jiffy Lube is notorious for that....
    Hope the rest of your evening goes better :)

    Oh, and the one day I dont make it to spin, you go haha


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