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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirty-Five

Holy busy day at work, Batman! I forgot for a bit that payday happened for a lot of people and thus, we get a surge of customers. I mean, it was busy. ALL. DAY. I hardly got a break, well except for lunch, until the last half hour before we closed. The end was in sight and then... a customer came in ten minutes before closing asking to buy a myriad of items. I couldn't say no, though I did grit my teeth a little bit. I ended up staying half an hour after closing.

It certainly didn't help that I was very tired! Thanks dogs. No, not the new dog because she was locked in her crate. Nope, just my regular dogs. Let me break down my night for you.

10:00ish pm - I go to bed, lock the two big dogs in my bedroom so they don't go crazy and run everywhere.
12:30am - Kimber starts whining at the door. I let her outside, she does her business, and I almost fall asleep on the couch waiting. We go back upstairs and I close the door again.
2:30am - Kimber whines again. I open the bedroom door and go back to bed.
4:30am - Dexter starts barking for no reason. I yell at him, lock him in his crate beside my bed.
6:30am - Dexter whines, growls, scratches at crate. I growl, whine, and then drag myself out of bed and decide to just get up because it all seems useless anyway!

Needless to say... two weeks of bad sleep is making me not feel so hot. Tonight, though, I lined all three crates in a row downstairs and will be locking all three dogs up. I don't even care. I need to sleep through the night!!

I'm sure you're getting tired of my sleepless night blogs, but I really don't have much else to say! I'm kind of out of it and zoning out watching TV. And you know what I had for dinner? A Lean Cuisine... and then beer and popcorn for dessert. Yeah, that's right. I'm turning into a bachelor. Don't judge.


  1. Oh wow (hugs!)!! After the night and day you had, a beer and popcorn is totally justified!! Youll get no judging from me :) Hope tonight is better for you!!

  2. OMG We don't even try to let the dogs sleep out of the crate! two reasons, 1 our house would be eaten whole & 2 our dogs are beagles so howling is their favorite noise of choice.. I tried once when my husband was at the field and was that a freaking mistake or what! good luck sleeping tonight, I know how crazy it is to try and get some sleep.

  3. My pup does the same thing...I feel ya!!


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