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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day One Hundred Forty

I've felt empowered the last couple days about working out. Mostly because I read this article called A Call to Arms (And Abs, Quads, Calves, and Shoulders). The article is basically calling out to women, telling them to stop trying to lose weight to look good for others and start working out for yourself. Now while I don't think I'm losing weight so others find me attractive (I have a husband anyway! haha), the article kind of changed my thinking a bit.

So while at kickboxing today I realized I really did like working out. I like feeling strong, I like feeling in shape. I used to be in SUCH good shape and it's starting to go away. I know I need to work out more, but I think I needed a good kickstart. Maybe this is it?

I was thinking of getting P90X... anyone have experience with it? It looks right up my alley!

Anyway, I was doing great this morning! I got up, went to kickboxing, came back and started chatting with Brandon. I left to have a shower and start my day. Well, I got to about 12:30 and realized that I didn't have anything to do! Instead of watching TV all afternoon I looked at my To-Do list on my fridge to see what I had left.

You see, this list has had stuff on there since Brandon left. It included things like oil change - check, brakes - check, clean closet - check, clean office... ugh, clean office. For almost five months my office has been the room where I just throw things into, to be dealt with tomorrow. I set my jaw and said, "Chantal, you better go clean that office!"

This area was covered with junk! Now it only has a kitty :P

This is looking from the door. All clean! Even the desks!

Anyway, by the end of the day I feel pretty accomplished. I only have one thing left on my list: Get picture frames for all these photos I need to put up!


  1. Procrastinators unite! ...tomorrow :) I am using one of our bedrooms for a "stuff" room too. Actually its half opened boxes from when our HHG arrived last month and Ive been putting it off haha. Kevin told me if I didnt clear them out, he would. I said ok cuz Im tired of looking at it lol!
    Oh and the gym is really addictive, I love going, just need to get back into more of a routine :)

  2. I hear P90X is INTENSE....Even for the crazy workout peeps! But you might as well try & see how it works for you!

    Mad props on your office....I suck and haven't touched mine in a looooong time.....

  3. Go you! I wish I felt so motivated!

  4. True story, p90x nearly took my life.

    It was awful. I couldn't move for weeks. I quit half way through because, let's be real, I have commitment issues. But girl, I was in shape.

  5. Whoohoo, you go girl! You always inspire me :)

    Oh and I would love to hear about your experiences with P90X if you decide to try it.. i've been thinking about it also.


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