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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day One Hundred Forty-Two

Hm, just your typical day at work! I finally got recognized for all those ICE comments I got. What's an ICE comment, you ask? Well, ICE stands for... something... but it's basically a system where customers can rate how our service was and give us reviews. I got my first one in August when I helped a customer work through a refund/reschedule, and from there they came rolling in! Before, the comments could only be made online, but now we have cards in office, and I get a comment nearly every day. Not trying to brag, but that's awesome. ;)

Anyway! I was presented with an eagle for my nametag, for excellency in service, of course:

(we put our hometowns on there!)

I also received a certificate, marking my first comment, and a gold star for each subsequent comment. I have four gold stars so far! I should have more, but they're kind of slow in handing these things out, as evidenced by the fact that I only received this certificate now and not in August!

(yeah, they spelled my name wrong... *sigh*)

So that was cool. :) After work I hurried home to grab Kimber, and Dexter, and we went over to Christina's. We arrived at her house almost right when she was dropped off by a mutual friend. We hung out for a couple hours catching up on things before I came home.

I think I might go read! I finished Dragonfly in Amber a couple days ago and am now onto Outlander #3, Voyager. Tomorrow I have a writer's retreat that I'm kind of excited about! I hope it goes well!


  1. Wow Congrats on the award!! I love when good customer service is rewarded :) boo on them spelling your name wrong though... hope you have a great weekend!

  2. thats really great! it's always so nice to be appreciated at work... even if they do spell your name wrong, hahaha. it happens.

  3. Congratulations! You're great at your job and I am glad you are being recognized for it!

    How did you like the Outlander #2 book? I LOVED #1, I kind of lost my interest through #2, and now I am wondering if I should pick it up again and get going on #3??


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