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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day One Hundred Forty-Six

Christmas lights? Already? Seriously? I dunno, I guess I'm a weirdo or something, but I think Christmas lights and decorations shouldn't be put up until after Thanksgiving. Just today I'm driving home from Christina's and I noticed more lights up. Did everyone just set them up today? I don't even know.

My Christmas tree won't be going up until after Thanksgiving, thank you very much. Nor will I be putting up my lights until then. Geez, can't we enjoy Thanksgiving for what it is? First we have tons of Halloween stuff and then it's right into Christmas. Um, wasn't there a holiday in between? A yummy, delicious holiday?

Speaking of delicious! This new shrimp and fish food truck parked itself in front of my work today and we were all lured in by the smell. So I ordered a fresh fish of the day plate, which ended up being some long Hawaiian name that starts with O. It's a white fish, which they grilled. YUM!

You can find some good plate lunch in Hawaii. If you ever come here, you gotta have some somewhere! There's food trucks everywhere, mostly dealing with shrimp, but there's plenty of food for all!

After work I headed over to Christina's for some burgers! It was her, our friend Janelle and I for dinner. Fun dinner!!

Anyone watching Biggest Loser? I love Ada! She's my fave! I've been bad on keeping up with most of my shows (sorry Hawaii Five O, Parenthood, ANTM... and more...) but I've been good about watching Biggest Loser!

One last thing... Day Three of my 30 Day Shred. My entire body hurts. My lower back hurts, which like never hurts. I feel like not doing it tomorrow but if I don't then... I won't ever. I'm determined to do this workout video!


  1. I totally agree with you, it seems way too early for Christmas lights, but I am kind of a scrooge too when it comes to decorations.

  2. I agree! thanksgiving is the official start date for Christmas stuff. I hate seeing all the stores with stuff out in Septemeber. I can't wait til this weekend. My family goes CRAZY with xmas lights. I'll blog a picture when its done in a couple weeks. Eeek! Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. I cannot stand when people put Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving. Celebrate one holiday at a time, please.

  4. I saw my neighbor hanging her Christmas lights yesterday!! We only have our tree up because we took Christmas photos and wanted to make sure the photo cards got here in time for us to send them out. Usually its the day after Thanksgiving though!!

  5. I love the shrimp trucks on the island....yummy!! I'm also doing the 30 Day Shred...I definitely feel it too :)


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