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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day One Hundred Fifty-Three

Oh, I had a rough night. Last night at the end of my shift my tummy started feeling queasy - I recognized the feeling immediately and silently cursed my immune system. I came home and went on my run, though, and was feeling pretty good until the end, when I felt that nausea creeping in again.

I had a yummy after-run dinner planned but ended up only eating ice cream (which was probably a bad idea but I enjoyed it). Then I went to bed early. I slept horribly. Tossing, turning, headaches, waking up every half hour or so. Around 2:30 I got up to get some Tylenol and then tried to sleep some more, but that didn't work, so I finally got up for reals between 3am and 3:30am. I decided about this time that I wasn't going to go to work.

I was actually looking forward to work today, since I was working my favorite shift - 8:30 to 4! Oh well...

I took a choppy nap sometime after 5 until about 7. I finally managed to eat some bland oatmeal for breakfast, but that took some effort. I miss eating! My tummy feels hungry but when I eat or even smell food, I get nauseous. Blech.

I did manage to write, even through the haze of my fever (got up to 101.1 at one point). And so...

Yay me!

Anyway, I started feeling better in the afternoon after I took some Tylenol to bring my fever down. My nausea wasn't too bad and I started to get hungry. Well, since I have such a wonderful friend, I ate an early dinner of Ginger Ale, saltine crackers and chicken noodle soup from the pouch! Thanks Christina!

I've been getting some early Christmas presents from Brandon! So I decided to open one box and take a peek... but darn that sneaky husband of mine, he got them all gift wrapped! I know, I could rip the wrapping off, but that just doesn't feel genuine, so I'm going to wait until we talk again to open them up.

I hope I start feeling better tomorrow! I'm kind of bored of watching TV and movies. I couldn't even play Wii because the controllers are dead. :( And Dexter has been sleeping all day, so I anticipate a hyper puppy later, yikes.

Day One Hundred Fifty-Two

I started off the day real bad. I was so angry! Everything was pissing me off. First, it was Winston knocking things over and chewing on things. Then there's Dexter just being himself... and it just tumbled from there. I was just feeling so overwhelmed over everything. I feel like there's so much I need/want to do, but haven't any time for it.

It didn't help that I needed to go to the post office before work - which I hate to do. So, grumbling, I drove over to the post office, almost hitting a couple soldiers on the way. (Seriously, I understand there are cross walks, but look left and right before stepping into the road! Geez). I saw the parking lot and the long line and said "Screw this" and left. I guess I'll go on Wednesday!

I started to calm down at work and began to feel normal again. And then... it was a normal day at work!

Oh, so then after work I began my new running program! Yeah, always starting new programs, huh? My Vibrams were great! My left foot started to hurt but only after I started walking (it was a run/walk day). But it was nice. Dexter was anxious to get home, silly dog, he always wants to go home. It was weird running in the dark, but I stuck to well-lit areas. :)

I got one of my Christmas presents from Brandon! I've been eyeing the box and I think I can guess what it is... but I won't tell you until I open it. :P

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day One Hundred Fifty-One

I got my Vibrams!!

They're pretty, huh?

I got the Vibram Sprint. I had tried on three different types: the Classic, the Sprint, and the Bikila. The Classic and Sprint were basically the same thing, though the Sprint has a velcro strap on the top and velcro heel straps too (as you can see from the picture). The Classic is more of a slip-on shoe and isn't the best for running, so I put that aside. The Bikila was cool because it had more grip on the bottom and was super comfortable as it covered my entire foot, but I wasn't sure if I wanted all that padding. Oh, and it was $30 more than the Sprint, so I went with the Sprint!

I went on a walk with them today and they're great! Very very comfy. I can't wait to start running!

So today, on top of going to Runners Hi for my shoes (who offer an awesome military discount, if you're looking for shoes in Hawaii), we also stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond (I got a new mixing bowl) and Chili's for lunch. We were planning on going to California Pizza Kitchen, but the wait was too long for our hungry tummies!

On the way home, we stopped by the PX so I could get some last minute things for Brandon's Christmas presents. I think I'm all set! Now I need to wrap everything and send it off. I always spend way too much on him, but I just can't help it, I love spoiling him! Yes, Brandon, you can open your presents early :P

Now, I leave you with this:

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day One Hundred Fifty

Hello Day 150!

Holy moly, have I been productive today!

I looooveee feeling productive. In the morning I biked Dexter around the neighborhood (half the time, double the energy!), and then spent some time chatting with Brandon. After that, I wrote a bit, though I still need to catch up on my word count for the day, and then hopped over to Christina's. She made a yummy breakfast for me of waffles, strawberries and whipped cream. I have a good friend, huh?

We had planned on going ice skating today, since for, like, ever, we've been planning on going. Our plan was to skate and then get some shopping done, but on the way down Marcus puked a bit, so we detoured to the NEX first to do shopping and get him some Pedialyte. We shopped our hearts out at the NEX, battling the crowds and finding some good deals. I won't tell you what I bought because it was mostly presents for Brandon. ;)

We then made our way to Target for some more money spending! I got sucked into their 2-day sale and bought a pair of sleep pants (they're purple and have penguins on them!) and a set of pillows (they were only $8 for the set and I need new ones!). I also bought some more junk for Brando, and an Advent calendar for me (I'm a sucker for the chocolate...). Oh! And I bought a bunch of photo frames finally for this photo project I've had in mind for months now. Once it's up on the wall I'll take pictures for you.

By the time we were done with Target we started getting tired. Can't run around all day like we used to! Also, we saw the parking lot and the line at the skating rink and decided to go on a weekday when it wouldn't be as busy.

On our way home we hit up Petco and Babies'R'Us for none-Christmas things, and then Costco for more essentials (and non-essentials!) We spent a good four-ish hours out shopping today! Exhausted, we laid around Christina's house until I decided to go home and get things done, like clean my toilets... (which I haven't done yet...)

For some reason, being with Christina makes me feel like I need to get stuff done at home! Haha. I put away my new stuff, I started the laundry and then got to work on my photo frames. I still need to get some photos printed, so those will be put up at a later date. Then I did the dishes. Then I re-arranged some things in the living room and dusted. Then I changed the laundry. Then I started addressing my Christmas cards and ended up addressing them all. Now I'm writing a blog.

It sounded like more in my head, but I promise, I've done a lot. Next, I'm going to write! I need to finish my wordcount.

I still haven't cleaned the toilets... hmm...

Day One Hundred Forty-Nine

Dear Body,

I'm sorry for being so rough with you lately. Remember when you used to look nice and skinny? Before you grew hips and "became a women" or whatever? Yeah, that's sort of the reason why I've been kind of mean. That 30 Day Shred sounded like an awesome idea and those first couple of days went fine until I threw out my back. You see, it doesn't hurt too horrible, but it isn't comfortable. So then yesterday I decided to try and run, and now I'm paying for that. What are these muscles that hurt in my leg? I don't even know what they are. I'm sure you're telling me something, Body, so here I am, apologizing!

I know you don't like it when I sit up straight at work, but I promise it's better than slouching. Oh, and staying up late to read when you're exhausted? Sorry about that, but my book rocks and my mind is telling me to continue. I'm sorry I made you go to the commissary after work, but did you see that parking lot? It was practically deserted! And hey, I'm trying to eat healthy food

So, Body, I'm apologizing. I promise I won't be as mean... though hey, we're going to be getting in shape soon!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day One Hundred Forty-Eight

Not two minutes after waking up, Brandon called me! I had told him a few days ago to call me on Thanksgiving, seeing as I couldn't call him, and he followed through. :) We haven't talked on the phone for a few weeks now and I just love hearing his voice. It sure was a good start to the morning!

Next, I decided to bring Dexter on a walk, since I've been bad the last few days because of work. Well, instead of walking, I decided to run. Why not, right? It wasn't just normal running, it was barefoot running. Yeah, no shoes! I've been looking into it for awhile now, since I haven't been able to run because of my plantar fasciitis. I read a few things that said it could help. I didn't run a long way, but it was pretty far for not running in a year and a half. And my feet didn't hurt. Breakthrough? Just maybe. I'm looking into getting a pair of those Vibram shoes.

After some chores and writing, I loaded up Dexter and went to Christina's house. I was there for a over seven hours! I made some brown sugar glazed carrots and she made everything else, haha. Sarah came over too. :) It was a good day! Well, except for Marcus... poor kid was sick and puked a few times while we were there! He was just miserable.

So hey, I can't complain about today. I got to talk to Brandon and I had a great dinner with my good friends. This is my second Thanksgiving away from family and my very first away from Brandon, but it's been good! I thought I'd tell you a few things I'm thankful for, since everyone else seems to be doing it. ;)

I'm thankful for Brandon. He's my husband, my best friend, the love of my life! He makes me laugh, cry, so happy, angry sometimes, and always on my toes. I always look forward to talking to him and I just can't wait until I see him again!

I'm thankful for Dexter & Winston. They also keep me on my toes! As much as I complain about these two, they light up my life. I'm so happy that we got these two guys because they keep me company and give me someone to talk to everyday! Haha.

And a short list of other things I'm thankful for, in no particular order... My parents, my sisters & nephews, DVRs, emoticons :D, sunshine, Hawaii, rainbows, good food, Tylenol, broken dishwashers, rainy days, cutting boards, the Army, all those military guys and gals out there, my friends, and so much more!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day One Hundred Forty-Seven

Ugh. I hurt my back.

It happened like two days ago from my work out DVD. I wasn't hurting until I woke up the next morning and noticed some good pain in my lower back, mostly on the left side. Then today it hurt the same and a bit more in the middle left part of my back. Ugh! It sucked at work because I sit all day usually with my back nice and straight, and I also couldn't bend over much to pick up anything if I needed to.

So yeah, I worked out for ten minutes this morning before my sister Shannon saved me with a phone call. I guess I'll have to see how I feel tomorrow morning before I work out again! I will be going on an extra long walk because Dexter has gotten a bit insane since I worked three days in a row.

Hey! I got my Christmas cards! Check this out:

(I didn't know how to actually take the nice picture from Shutterfly. How did you all do that?)

I was thinking of including a little "What We've Been Up To" message along with the card, but I'm not sure. Is that a good idea? I don't even know what I would say!

Hey, it's Brandon & Chantal. We still live in Hawaii. Brandon deployed to Iraq this summer. Chantal keeps doing her thing. Merry Christmas!

Have any of you done this? Any suggestions?

I'm gonna get back to catching up on my DVR, then it's a hot bath to relax my back, and late into the night reading my latest book!

Day One Hundred Forty-Six

Christmas lights? Already? Seriously? I dunno, I guess I'm a weirdo or something, but I think Christmas lights and decorations shouldn't be put up until after Thanksgiving. Just today I'm driving home from Christina's and I noticed more lights up. Did everyone just set them up today? I don't even know.

My Christmas tree won't be going up until after Thanksgiving, thank you very much. Nor will I be putting up my lights until then. Geez, can't we enjoy Thanksgiving for what it is? First we have tons of Halloween stuff and then it's right into Christmas. Um, wasn't there a holiday in between? A yummy, delicious holiday?

Speaking of delicious! This new shrimp and fish food truck parked itself in front of my work today and we were all lured in by the smell. So I ordered a fresh fish of the day plate, which ended up being some long Hawaiian name that starts with O. It's a white fish, which they grilled. YUM!

You can find some good plate lunch in Hawaii. If you ever come here, you gotta have some somewhere! There's food trucks everywhere, mostly dealing with shrimp, but there's plenty of food for all!

After work I headed over to Christina's for some burgers! It was her, our friend Janelle and I for dinner. Fun dinner!!

Anyone watching Biggest Loser? I love Ada! She's my fave! I've been bad on keeping up with most of my shows (sorry Hawaii Five O, Parenthood, ANTM... and more...) but I've been good about watching Biggest Loser!

One last thing... Day Three of my 30 Day Shred. My entire body hurts. My lower back hurts, which like never hurts. I feel like not doing it tomorrow but if I don't then... I won't ever. I'm determined to do this workout video!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day One Hundred Forty-Five

I got a new gadget today!

See it yet?

A brand new, bright red iPod Nano!

Yeah, it's pretty close to Christmas to be getting new toys, huh? Well, I've been wanting one for a few years now *cough*Brandon*cough*, but never got around to getting one. My coworker starts talking about how she had won the one above, but since she already owned a Nano, she wanted to sell it. I said I wanted it! So... here we are. :D I've already synced it and played with it some. Love it!!

I contemplated going to Wal-Mart and exchanging it for a purple one, but I'm kind of digging the red. Plus, I have plenty of purple in my life!

Today was Day Two of my 30 Day Shred. Ow! My shoulders/arms/some-muscle-I-never-knew-existed hurt! But I know it's all for good. I feel so great after working out, I just want to do it more. Maybe I'll head over to the community center gym down the street for some cardio sometime... when I'm not working, that is.

Hey! Thanksgiving's in a couple days! Can you believe it? It's hard for me to notice the holidays approaching when the weather doesn't change. Go ahead, be jealous that I live in Hawaii. ;) Sure, it's beautiful, but it gets a bit monotonous. I'd love to be able to wear long sleeve shirts and jeans again, and my boots, and my zip-up hoodies... I'll be in Colorado in almost four weeks though!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day One Hundred Forty-Four

Thanks for all the wonderful compliments on my new blog! I'd like to say a big big thanks to Miranda at Little Sailor Design, who took my ideas and suggestions and made it into a one of a kind blog.

Little Sailor Design

This morning I slept in until 8am, mostly because I didn't go to sleep until 11:30 the night before, and then got ready to go to the farmer's market with Christina. We browsed through there before heading off into the adjacent town for a breakfast burrito at Kono's. If you're ever in Hawaii and want an awesome breakfast burrito, you need to go to Kono's!

I suggested we head down to the beach to check out the last day of the surfing competition, since we were there. It was fun! We started to get tired, though, and headed back to the center of the island and home.

Later, I brought Dexter over and a bit afterwards we headed out to an FRG Thanksgiving thing being thrown by Christina's company. I don't go to my own FRG stuff haha. It was fun! Got some good food!

Since I didn't get to go on my bike ride this morning, and even though I was completely exhausted, I started Day 1 of Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. I got the DVD while shopping at Christina's house ;). It definitely showed me that I need to start lifting more weights and get my strength up again. And again, though I was exhausted, I vacuumed the house... I won't have any time until late in the week to do it, so it had to be done!

I am now relaxing, finally, and watching The Karate Kid, the new one. I'm not so sure about this one... I'm not totally loving Jaden Smith! Have you seen it? What do you think?

Day One Hundred Forty-Three

Happy November 20th! Today is my dad's 52nd birthday, though to me he definitely doesn't look like he's in his fifties.

Ok, this photo is from my wedding like two and a half years ago, but he really hasn't changed since. So... happy birthday!

Today I attended a writer's retreat. :) It was pretty fun! We started the day with introductions and then moved on to some warming up exercises. After that, we did some freewriting based on pictures she had all over the room. I zeroed in on an old painting of a girl from maybe the 18th or 19th century reading a book and I wrote the beginnings of a story about her family wanting to choose a husband for her and she could care less.

Anyway, after that we broke for lunch and writing! I worked on my NaNoWriMo novel during this time (33430 words!). Once lunch was over we got into smaller groups and read what we had written and then critiqued each other, all positively of course. It was helpful! They really liked the father-son relationship I was trying to show as well as the period language. Yay!

One funny thing about this thing was it was full of old people. Like 60s, 70s, 80s, kind of old people. They were all nice. I did giggle a bit at an old lady wearing a knit/lace top with only a big grandma bra underneath... hehehe.

Once home, Dexter got a good walk, I did the dishes, caught up on shows, you know the deal. Then it was over to Sarah's house to pick her up! We were going to a Scentsy party hosted by one of my coworkers. It was so fun! I won a free scent and I bought two plug-in warmers and six more scents, it came in a package deal.

Now I'm home! And getting this blog worked on. If you're checking this right after I post this, you might not see anything... but for everyone else... Notice anything different? ;)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day One Hundred Forty-Two

Hm, just your typical day at work! I finally got recognized for all those ICE comments I got. What's an ICE comment, you ask? Well, ICE stands for... something... but it's basically a system where customers can rate how our service was and give us reviews. I got my first one in August when I helped a customer work through a refund/reschedule, and from there they came rolling in! Before, the comments could only be made online, but now we have cards in office, and I get a comment nearly every day. Not trying to brag, but that's awesome. ;)

Anyway! I was presented with an eagle for my nametag, for excellency in service, of course:

(we put our hometowns on there!)

I also received a certificate, marking my first comment, and a gold star for each subsequent comment. I have four gold stars so far! I should have more, but they're kind of slow in handing these things out, as evidenced by the fact that I only received this certificate now and not in August!

(yeah, they spelled my name wrong... *sigh*)

So that was cool. :) After work I hurried home to grab Kimber, and Dexter, and we went over to Christina's. We arrived at her house almost right when she was dropped off by a mutual friend. We hung out for a couple hours catching up on things before I came home.

I think I might go read! I finished Dragonfly in Amber a couple days ago and am now onto Outlander #3, Voyager. Tomorrow I have a writer's retreat that I'm kind of excited about! I hope it goes well!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day One Hundred Forty-One

I started the day in my pajamas, of course. I sat around and tried to catch up on some blogs (geez, I read too many! Haha) and watched some Today show. Then 7:30 rolled around...

Outfit Change #1: Workout Clothes

I'm continuing on my streak of working out. I know I sounded all motivated yesterday but really, I woke up this morning and just groaned. I didn't want to work out! Did I have to work out? Yes, I had to, I told myself. So I turned on my Netflix through my Blu-Ray player and played an old favorite: Boot Camp! The cardio isn't too intense, but man, those arm exercises kill me. I guess it's a sign I need to build up my arms, huh? I used to have awesome ones when I rock climbed and when I did massive amounts of pushups (I always maxed my pushups in ROTC) but I've gotten lazy about it. Anyway, I was all sweaty afterwards.

I spoke to Brandon for awhile then I went to have a shower, yay.

Outfit Change #2: Fifties-Inspired Dress

Today we had our spouses club luncheon! Our theme today was Dancing Through the Decades and we were encouraged to dress up in our favorite decade. While the Fifties isn't (aren't?) my favorite decade, I didn't have much else, so I dressed up all pretty and stuck a headband in my hair and went to the luncheon! It was tons of fun! Our guest today was a world class champion dancer and he gave us some history of dance from the 1920s before he taught us some moves. I for sure when up there.

Another exciting part of the luncheon? I met a fellow blogger! You can find her HERE! Check out her blog! I love meeting other bloggers, though it feels kind of weird that I know so much about you without actually knowing you, haha.

Outfit Change #3: Shorts & t-shirt

After the luncheon Sarah mentioned she wanted to go check out the surfing competition and I said, sure! So I changed my clothes and headed her way. We drove to the North Shore and found a spot on the beach to watch. I was actually quite intrigued. Sure, it was boring sometimes waiting for the waves, but when the surfers caught a wave, you couldn't help but cheer for them!

As we walked up I mentioned I needed to take photos for my blog. As you can imagine, taking photos of surfers way off in the waves is hard, so I circled this guy for you.

This was the best photo I could get of Sarah and I. She looks good, I look at tilty-headed ;).

Outfit Change #4: Back to pajamas! One of Brandon's t-shirts (fair game, honey, you're not home) and my favorite pajama pants. Oh, and comfy socks because Kimber chewed up one of my slippers last time she stayed with me.

Once home, I sat down and got cracking on my writing. I'm just over 30300 words! Isn't that cool? Yay for writing and NaNoWriMo! Once I hit my goal I cleaned my dishes, stupid broken dishwasher, and then decided to make a pizza. I had bought this gluten-free dough mix at the commissary a few days ago and wanted to try it. No, I don't usually eat gluten-free, but I've been toying with the idea that I might have issues (a lot of people in my family have Celiac's Disease) so I thought I'd try it. Check this baby out:

I haven't eaten it yet, so I'm going to press Publish and go have some!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day One Hundred Forty

I've felt empowered the last couple days about working out. Mostly because I read this article called A Call to Arms (And Abs, Quads, Calves, and Shoulders). The article is basically calling out to women, telling them to stop trying to lose weight to look good for others and start working out for yourself. Now while I don't think I'm losing weight so others find me attractive (I have a husband anyway! haha), the article kind of changed my thinking a bit.

So while at kickboxing today I realized I really did like working out. I like feeling strong, I like feeling in shape. I used to be in SUCH good shape and it's starting to go away. I know I need to work out more, but I think I needed a good kickstart. Maybe this is it?

I was thinking of getting P90X... anyone have experience with it? It looks right up my alley!

Anyway, I was doing great this morning! I got up, went to kickboxing, came back and started chatting with Brandon. I left to have a shower and start my day. Well, I got to about 12:30 and realized that I didn't have anything to do! Instead of watching TV all afternoon I looked at my To-Do list on my fridge to see what I had left.

You see, this list has had stuff on there since Brandon left. It included things like oil change - check, brakes - check, clean closet - check, clean office... ugh, clean office. For almost five months my office has been the room where I just throw things into, to be dealt with tomorrow. I set my jaw and said, "Chantal, you better go clean that office!"

This area was covered with junk! Now it only has a kitty :P

This is looking from the door. All clean! Even the desks!

Anyway, by the end of the day I feel pretty accomplished. I only have one thing left on my list: Get picture frames for all these photos I need to put up!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirty-Nine

I have a bad history of oil changes.

For my first oil change in Colorado Springs, only months after I had moved there for college, I went to Jiffy Lube. Dante, my '87 Acura Integra, needed a quick fix! So I'm sitting in the waiting room reading some months-old magazine when one of the mechanics comes out with a rubber belt in his hand. He says, "This is your air conditioning belt" and I fought the urge to say "Um, why is it in your hand?" Apparently it was broken... anyway, I said, "No thanks, my dad will fix it."

Sometime later I decided to try out Wal-Mart for an oil change. They had done it before and it went well, so I said, sure! So after wandering around the store for awhile I come back to find that nope, they didn't change my oil because they didn't have an oil filter for it. Um, thanks guys. On to Jiffy Lube again...

(insert instance where I'm driving my mom's car, Regan the '03 Hyundai Accent, and the oil light comes on. I guess I was all out of oil.... whoops.)

Years later (ok, like maybe two...), I'm in Georgia and my new car, Ignatius, the '01 VW Passat that I currently own, needs an oil change. I decided to try out Wal-Mart because surely the one in Georgia couldn't be the same as the one in Colorado. This Wal-Mart didn't fill me with as much rage as the other! But alas, not so. I go back to the counter after an hour of wandering the store. They say, "We tried calling you over the intercom" and I said, "Um, no you didn't" and they shrug, saying, "We don't have a filter for your car so we couldn't do the oil change." Ok, I gave them the '87 but seriously, the '01? C'mon. When I get home I checked my oil because I had a nagging feeling about something. Oh, look at that, absolutely dry. Thanks Wal-Mart for not even filling my oil back up after you DRAINED it.

Oh, lastly, that guy I sometimes live with (aka Brandon, my lovely husband) tried to change the oil in Ignatius and got super duper angry because the oil filter is hidden, sort of mystical, and takes superpowers to unscrew.

All this wind-up brings me to today. Brandon's been nagging me to get an oil change since, like, when he left, so I finally called Goodyear and decided to go. I got their Fall Car Care Package, which included an oil change and other maintenance stuff, and asked them to check out my brakes for me because they're being wacky.

He comes back with a list: I need new tires, new rear brake pads, a brake fluid flush, a safety inspection (stupid Hawaii and their rules), and some other tiny little things. You know, it only comes out to almost $1000.

Ever seen this? (crappy quality, but you can hear him fine!):

To be honest, the mechanic was really nice and helpful, telling me exactly what's going on. He didn't throw any hidden prices in there. Seeing as my dad's a mechanic, I respect the guys, if they're respectful to me as a woman. You know the deal, sometimes they think they can get around you somehow (see Jiffy Lube guy above), but this guy answered all my questions and spoke to me like I knew what I was talking about! Which I really didn't, I had rehearsed with Brandon a bit... I know enough about cars to get by...

Anyway, I was there for 4 hours. The first two hours were great! I went to Starbucks, got a Passion Shaked Iced Tea, wrote about 2200 words in my NaNoWriMo novel, had a chocolate croissant, it was nice. Then I went to Ross and got a cuuuteee dress (I'm turning into a girl!) and a pair of cheap headphones since Winny ate my last ones. I went back after these two hours and sat in the waiting room reading and waiting. And waiting. Waiting some more.

I was grumpy and got some Popeyes on the way home. Let's hope this all doesn't make Brandon grumpy!

Day One Hundred Thirty-Eight

Sometimes I feel so stupid at work. I absolutely hate the feeling. We have a lot of things we have to remember at work and, even though I boast a good memory, sometimes I just can't recall things. I hate asking as many questions as I do. I hate it. Every time I go back to ask a question I cringe because I just can't stand feeling stupid. Yeah, I know asking a couple questions shouldn't make me feel bad, but it does. I like being the expert on things and most days, I don't feel like I am. It doesn't help when some coworkers interject with their "help" or talk to me like I'm stupid. Ugh.

So yeah, I had to be written up today because on Friday I misplaced $40. So DUMB. What happened is I added $40 to someone's transaction after the fact and never got the money. That was one mistake I had to own up to today. Then later, I sealed my deposit bag before my coworker even checked my money. Right after that we found I had an extra dollar in my cash. Where did it come from? I have no clue. But I sure felt dumb today. I left work with a very sour feeling.

I'm just borderline grumpy today. The day started out great until I had to call Shutterfly to ask them why my code wasn't working. I got some guy from India who I could barely understand and who couldn't hear me spell out my name (I don't like spelling out my last name on the phone... people confuse the T's and D's!). I left the call frustrated and decided to figure it out on my own. I did, btw, good on me for that!

Poor Brando was talking to me during this time and I was all grumpy with him. He was a trooper though and stuck it through without getting angry. :) I love you!!

One fun point of my day was Dexter & Winston's yearly vet appointment this morning. I stuffed Winston in his new crate and it was all dandy until I stepped outside. He started freaking out and meowing. The sound he was making was cracking me up! I had to call my sister and she said it sounded like I was killing him. Poor kitty, it's the first time he was out of the house in a year. They were tough today at the vet. Winston didn't even struggle when he got his two shots! He weighs 15.4 lbs, yikes. Dexter wasn't so happy when he got blood drawn, I had to really pin him down. He also got three shots, but didn't cry once! My pets are so brave. :D He weighs 36.4 lbs. When did my babies get so BIG?!

Ok, I'm feeling a bit better now. My show is almost done and then I'll go upstairs to read. Did anyone watch House? It was good today! Tomorrow is spin class and oil change (finally...), and maybe some commissary. Be on a look out for my blog, there will be some big changes happening. ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirty-Seven

This morning Brandon and I had another movie date. It was my turn to choose the movie and I decided on an old classic...

Why? Because of my newfound obsession with this book series...

Of which I am currently reading the second book, Dragonfly in Amber.

After the movie date was over, I walked the dogs and finally did the dishes that have been stacking up on my counter. Did I tell you my dishwater is broken and they can't come fix it until the 30th? Well, yeah, I'm hand-washing everything. I called my grandparents to say hi and then set the timer for an hour of writing. Wow, was that ever draining! But I wrote about 2000 words in that hour and am completely satisfied with it. :)

Then I headed downtown to one of the big malls there to meet my coworkers for lunch/dinner. We were celebrating the promotion of another coworker who was also leaving us for another job... if that makes any sense. Her job is the promotion! Anyway, we went here:

It was only my second time ever going there, but it sure was yummy. I filled myself with an appetizer and then proceeded to my dinner:

Ok, that's a dramatization of my meal... but it was a fish sandwich. Delicious! The fries on the side were great too. We rounded out the meal with a cookie cake that they had brought for my coworker.

After our meal I headed towards my car, stopping at Barnes & Noble's real fast to see if there were any updates for my nook. Sadly, they were offering a free smoothie with your nook, but I was so full, I couldn't manage to get one! Darn! And I never get down to Barnes & Noble's since it's at least 45 minutes away... ah well. I then went down to a pet accessories store looking for a certain type of dog collar I want to get Dexter (it's made by Dublin Dogs. I think I'll just order it online though). Instead, I came out with these:

Yeah, that's a border collie pen. How can you resist?!

Then when I got home I picked up poop (sorry, no picture for that...) and then the landscaper and I mowed the jungle/lawn. I am now just sitting and relaxing, I feel sort of drained! Must be the fish sandwich. ;)

Day One Hundred Thirty-Six

Hi everyone! It seems every day I get a new follower, so I wanted to give all you new ones (and the old too!) a shout out. So hey! Leave a comment, I'd love to say hi. Unless your reply-to email isn't set, then I can't personally say hello...

It was a good day today! I finally slept great after I locked all the dogs downstairs. I felt kind of bad as I walked up the stairs because Dexter watched me the whole time and then whined a little bit. He calmed down though. I think I'll repeat this tonight again... I dunno, we'll see. I love having him with me on my bed! Haha. But yeah, sleep was fairly uninterrupted, except for Winston crawling all over me and clawing at the mattress. He does this like every morning though at 5:30.

Dexter graduated from beginner obedience today!! Yay! We got there a bit late but we ran through the course with only a couple errors, most of them my fault, and then he got his certificate. I spent the time while I waited chatting with Dexter's brothers owner. Below you'll see a picture she took of Dexter and one of the brothers together! (They're from the same litter, his name is Ben).

After training I brought Courtney's dog down to Michelle's so she could watch her, and we could share the burden. Luckily she's dropping her off at the airport on Monday! Yay! Then Michelle and I got some sushi for lunch and went shopping a bit. Back at her house we chatted until she had to leave.

I went to the PX to get a cat carrier for Winston and then when I got home, I caught up on some writing! I am now finishing up Toy Story 3. It was a productive day today. :D

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirty-Five

Holy busy day at work, Batman! I forgot for a bit that payday happened for a lot of people and thus, we get a surge of customers. I mean, it was busy. ALL. DAY. I hardly got a break, well except for lunch, until the last half hour before we closed. The end was in sight and then... a customer came in ten minutes before closing asking to buy a myriad of items. I couldn't say no, though I did grit my teeth a little bit. I ended up staying half an hour after closing.

It certainly didn't help that I was very tired! Thanks dogs. No, not the new dog because she was locked in her crate. Nope, just my regular dogs. Let me break down my night for you.

10:00ish pm - I go to bed, lock the two big dogs in my bedroom so they don't go crazy and run everywhere.
12:30am - Kimber starts whining at the door. I let her outside, she does her business, and I almost fall asleep on the couch waiting. We go back upstairs and I close the door again.
2:30am - Kimber whines again. I open the bedroom door and go back to bed.
4:30am - Dexter starts barking for no reason. I yell at him, lock him in his crate beside my bed.
6:30am - Dexter whines, growls, scratches at crate. I growl, whine, and then drag myself out of bed and decide to just get up because it all seems useless anyway!

Needless to say... two weeks of bad sleep is making me not feel so hot. Tonight, though, I lined all three crates in a row downstairs and will be locking all three dogs up. I don't even care. I need to sleep through the night!!

I'm sure you're getting tired of my sleepless night blogs, but I really don't have much else to say! I'm kind of out of it and zoning out watching TV. And you know what I had for dinner? A Lean Cuisine... and then beer and popcorn for dessert. Yeah, that's right. I'm turning into a bachelor. Don't judge.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirty-Four

I was going to write a nice Veterans Day blog post but.... a) I'm tired, b) other things happened, and c) everyone else is anyway... so I decided not to have a big post. I will mention that Veterans Day has a new meaning for me now that I have my very own veteran! So thanks to all veterans - past, present and future.

Now guess how many dogs I have in my house right now.

Nope, not one!

Nope, not two either, but getting close...

Yes! Three! Plus a cat!

This is what happened. As the childless friend, I am the door opener, the stuff carrier, and sometimes the airport driver. I drove Christina to the airport not too long ago for her flight and today, I drove Courtney. She's heading home for a good amount of time with her baby and her dog. Wait, not her dog anymore. Why? Well they said that American Airlines has an embargo and won't be allowing any snub-nosed dogs, no matter the circumstances. So after some time fighting it we resigned ourselves to the fact that her dog can't go. And since I was there, I took her in. It's a bit of a zoo in here, I won't lie!

(Actually, Gizmo and Kimber are good, easy dogs... it's my dog that's the insane one)

Anyway, it's been an interesting night. How was your day?

Day One Hundred Thirty-Three

Ahh, sweet blissful sleep. For the most part. I caved last night and took some Tylenol Simply Sleep, leftover from my college days of sleepless nights caused by anxiety and depression. I was really looking for our Melatonin, the more natural and subtle sleep helper, but it's gone run off! Did you take it, Brando?

So yeah, I popped some pills and slept until 6:30, like usual. I got mad at Dexter for growling at me, told him to lay down (which he did), and then slept for another half hour until he started chasing Winston up and down the stairs. I reconciled myself to the fact that they'll probably do it all morning, so I drug myself out of bed and started my day!

Anyway, I wanted to go to kickboxing and it started at 8:30! It kicked my butt, but it's such a great feeling afterwards, there's no describing it. A weird phenomena that came from working out this morning? I wasn't hungry. Ok, ok, this doesn't seem that odd for most people, but for me... it is. See, I have hypoglycemia and as a result, I have to eat about every two hours before my blood sugar plummets. About 10:30 I ate a bowl of cereal and then... nothing. I had 3 pieces of gum until I got myself to eat a salad with some turkey on top at about 3pm. Oh, then I had an apple. Then I snacked a bit at book club, but I really wasn't that hungry. I mean, geez. what's up with that? It was nice but very odd.

Hm, ok, well I had a very productive day. I sent Brandon his Thanksgiving package with a makeshift Thanksgiving "meal" in it (he already knows what I sent, so I'll tell you: turkey jerky, craisins, potato chips and pumpkin bread). I know he'll get a meal there, but I had planned to send him something for awhile and darn it, I did. I also completed my substitute teaching stuff!! Finally! I can officially sub in the state of Hawaii. Kind of makes me nervous now...

So now I am catching up on my DVR'd Country Music Awards! I wish Brandon liked country... I know you can, honey! Just give it a chance!