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Monday, November 1, 2010

Day One Hundred Twenty-Three

Happy Halloween!

This is the second Halloween in a row that Brandon's been gone. Last Halloween, he was on his way to the Big Island for training. You can read about my Halloween last year HERE. It's also the second Halloween that we've ever had trick-or-treaters, and I wish he was here to experience it! We could talk about all the dumb kids not wearing costumes but still asking for candy...

Anyway, I sure love Halloween. Well, I used to. I kind of love holidays that are food-centralized, so Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween are on top. I always loved dressing up and going out, smelling the leaves and the crisp autumn air (not so much here). My mom would make us "mummy dogs" (basically pigs in a blanket, but wrapped like mummy's!), my dad would take us out when we were too young to go ourselves, and then they'd both go through our candy to pick out what they wanted. ;)

The last time I dressed up was two years ago. We were still in Colorado and we had to pull together costumes for our ROTC Halloween party. Brandon's picky about everything (he didn't want to be a cowboy! Geez), and I didn't want to do my stand-by (pirate), so we researched and found a great one: Ceiling Fans. We got matching white t-shirts and wrote on them "Go Ceiling!" and "#1 Ceiling!" and got pom-poms. Get it? Ceiling Fans?

Hehe. We won a prize for them. ;)

This picture is from Halloween three years ago, our second Halloween together. (What did we do on our first Halloween, Brandon? I can't even remember!). As you can see, I was a pirate, of course. Brandon was a construction worker! I had to force him to do it because he was unsure, but I think he looks good. :D

Tomorrow, NaNoWriMo. This week, working. I can balance it! Right? :D


  1. The Ceiling Fan idea is soo freaking hilarious!!! And the pic of you and Brandon, precious :) Happy Halloween girl!

  2. Ceiling Fan- thats so funny!! How clever! I busted up laughing when I read that :) Happy Halloween!!


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