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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day One-Hundred-Twenty-One

I'm contemplating changing the format of my numbers... any ideas? Should I just use numbers?

Today, I took Dexter to our community center for the pet costume contest! I dressed him up in a costume I got last year that was a bit too bit (this year it's a bit too small!), and we headed on over. There weren't too many dogs in his category, so I expected us to get a good place. I mean, how can you deny this guy?

Well, my little Chicken Puppy got... SECOND PLACE!

Yeah, not first, but we still got an awesome prize basket.

It had a couple cool toys, a toothbrush, toothpaste, tons of healthy treats and all in a cool basket that I can use! I'm so glad that we participated!

Afterwards, I headed to the Brigade Halloween party with Christina. We played some games, ate some BBQ food, saw some costumes, hung out. It was a fun little time!

Now, as usual, I am tired. I made the mistake of going to the commissary today way too close to payday, but it wasn't too horrible. I spent some time working on projects too. Wow, I can't even remember where half my day went! Funny how that happens, huh?


  1. Congratulations Dexter!! I'm glad you had such a fun day :)

  2. When I brought up your blog, the first thing I saw was the picture of Dexter. I was like "Why does Dexter look like a chicken?!" Then I remembered it was Halloween haha. He is so darn cute--congrats on the 2nd place win on his costume :)


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