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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day One-Hundred-Twelve

Jenny had me up until 11pm last night, so I was banking on sleeping in a bit... until Dexter growled at me at 6:15am. Well, I couldn't deny him because really, after him having a few accidents, I don't take any chances! However, Jenny didn't wake up for a couple hours after that. I got to do my regular morning routine and chores, catch up on my Biggest Loser and get things ready. I finally shook her awake (and sent Dexter in to seal the deal) so we could get a move on our day.

I had more photos, but my camera is being sketchy... soooo....

We started our day at Hanauma Bay, a nature preserve with some good snorkeling. Jennifer requested snorkeling, so that's where we went! It was nice and hot, but the water was very comfortable. She was a little nervous about snorkeling for the first time but she did real well!

After snorkeling (and a stop at the Greek Marina for some gyros) we went on our way towards Bellows Beach, one of my favorites on the island. We stopped at several scenic overlooks. Here's what we saw at one:

Cool huh?

We made it to Bellows and stayed there for a couple hours. Jenny and I boogie boarded, it was her first time doing that too, and played in the waves. Then we went to relax on the beach and dry ourselves up.

When the sun started to hide behind the trees and we were getting cold, we decided to leave. I took us up the very long way home up the coast and around the North Shore so I could show her the beauty of the island. :) Again, we stopped at a few places to enjoy the sights and take pictures.

Back home, I made a spaghetti dinner for Jennifer and Christina (who I invited over) and then sat down to watch some DVR'd shows. I'm tired!

We have another busy day tomorrow. It's fun to be able to go tour around the island with someone though!

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  1. Hanauma Bay is awesome! Kevin snorkeled for the 1st time there too!

    PS- Your sister has an awesome name :)


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