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Friday, October 22, 2010

Day One-Hundred-Thirteen

Jenny's vacation out here is going well!

We got dressed up today to go to the spouse's club luncheon. She was interested in going and I didn't really want to miss it, but she ended up having a good time at it. It was Trick-or-Treat Bingo. How it works is when you call Bingo, you pull from a bag to decide whether you get a treat (a nice prize) or a trick (a not so nice prize!). Well... Jennifer won a prize! It's this big wire pumpkin with these orange reflecty (yeah, I know) balls. Anyway, now we have to figure out how to get it home...

Then it was to the Dole Plantation! Christina came along with us to get some Dole Whip (oh so delicious!) and walk around the grounds. Then we did this:

(look, mini pineapple!)

We hurried home afterwards to get Marcus from childcare and then head down to the luau! It was a great luau full of fun and food, and plenty of chiseled Hawaiian bodies... (I need my husband home ;) ). I'm completely stuffed though. I love Kalua Pork.

Jenny with her new headband she made.

Christina and Marcus.

A beautiful Hawaiian sunset!

So now I'm back home and way past my bedtime. Yeah, it's only 10pm here, so what? ;) Tomorrow - another full day!


  1. Shut up! Love the trip to Dole. Mmmm, pineapple ice cream! I remember when Chief and I went we thought that Pineapples grew in trees. We were so tickled when we found out in the ground! Glad you had a good time!

  2. Aww!! The pics are so cute and you can tell that Jenny is having a great time! :) Haha and don't worry, I can NEVER pass up the chance to take a 'face in the hole' picture :P

  3. What luau did you guys go to? Kevin and I got tickets to Paradise Cove for my bday in a couple weeks and are scouting out reviews! :)


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