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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day One-Hundred-Ten

I had a good day at work today! I've been having some personal issues regarding my job and it came to a point last week. That was one of the things that set off my depression a little bit (I've been feeling much better now, though) and I had to make some decisions. Anyway, I made my decision and feel at peace about it. My new goal at work now? Giving myself projects to keep busy!

I started a new project today: Making an informational sheet about waterfalls on the island. We get people asking about waterfalls all the time, and since I've been to a few, I decided to collect all this knowledge into one place for our customers. In between researching all this, I helped a whole bunch of customers. I chatted with a lot of them, too. It was a good, fast-paced day which left me pretty tired at the end.

My sister comes in tomorrow!! I'm very excited to have a visitor. :D Expect plenty of pictures of our journey around the island.

Oh, and today I got a postcard from Iraq aaaandddd a phone call from Iraq! I sure love my husband. :D We're almost a third of the way there!

(aw he was making me breakfast :D)

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  1. SO exciting!! I got a call from Iraq today, too!! They are the BEST :) ...Now I am wanting a postcard!! Haha. Cute pic :)


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