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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day One-Hundred-Seventeen

Ever been to Buca di Beppo? If you haven't, you better find your nearest one and head on over. It's a lively restaurant that serves family-style - a small size meal feeds up to 3 people.

That's where we found ourselves (Jenny, Christina, Marcus and I) for dinner. Jennifer really wanted to go, I love the place, and Christina had never been, so it worked out! As an appetizer, we got a trio of stuffed mushrooms, calamari and fried mozarella - yum! Then we shared an entree called Quattro Something, with stuffed shells, chicken manicotti kind of stuff, cheese manicotti and ravioli. Our meal was topped off with chocolate chip canolli's. Wonderful!

Of course, this was after our planned beach day was ruined a bit. Thanks, Hawaii weather. It was raining and windy and cold. We did go to the beach but we didn't stay for very long. Oh well...


So yeah, Jennifer leaves nice and early tomorrow morning. It's been a fun vacation! But now it's back to real life again.

Oh, and I've been getting so mad at the mailbox lately. I ordered some books almost a month ago and still one of them hasn't arrived. And I'm expecting a few other books, though those I'm not too worried because the expect-by date isn't until November 1st or something. Anyway, every time I get the mail, it's just junk. Nothing good!


  1. We were on that beach yesterday :) We didnt stay long either because of the wind and the fact that it went from gloomy gray skies to clear sunny skies and back to gray ones...annoying!
    I totally feel you on the mailbox thing. It seems like everytime Im expecting something, the mailman puts extra junk in there to spite me!


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