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Monday, October 18, 2010

Day One-Hundred-Nine

A weird thing happens when Brandon leaves. I take baths at night. A lot.

I'm not sure exactly why, but as soon as he leaves for any amount of time, a switch turns on in my brain and I develop my ritual. Maybe it's because when he's home, I spend my time with him. Maybe I just like the warmth. I don't know! Anyway, I like having my nightly baths and will continue to do so until he comes home. :D (And yeah, I shower in the morning too. These are for my enjoyment.)

Today was my personal day! Let me tell you, I needed it. It was a day where I said, I'm not answering to anybody. I'm doing what I want to do. No obligations. So, I went on my bike ride around post today to start. I didn't go my usual route since one of the ranges has been on fire and I go kind of close to it (post smells like a campfire, yum). The ride was enjoyable! When I got home, I sat around talking to Brandon, like I do most mornings.

Then, I went to the dog beach. I've been meaning to go for a couple days but since Dexter was a bit sick, I didn't want to go. I needed to get some more dog food at Petco, though, so I tied it in with a trip to the beach.

(same beach, not this trip)

After Petco, it was back home to relax. I got into a cleaning mode and started making the house look pretty. I had neglected it for a few days and it needed a good tidying. Then I threw my kielbasa and beer in the crock pot, brought one of my new books outside and started reading. It was nice! In between all this I watched the occasional TV, browsed the internet, relaxed some more.

Before dinner I went on a mile walk with Courtney and Christina, who were going to do the Race for the Cure today, but ended up not going. Then Christina came over to eat some of my kielbasa and we watched some TV. It was nice!

Now, to finish my no obligations day, I am going to have a bath, continue reading my book and then go to bed early. :D


  1. So Im not the only one who thought post smelled like that haha. You drive towards the range, and its like "is someone burning leaves?"

  2. For a second I wondered if I had wrote this, because I am the exact same about baths! I take them every night without fail, and that is where I relax and read. Of course, I realized that I hadn't wrote this once I read the part about bike riding.. haha. Personal days are so nice :)

    PS: I love the Campfire smell!

  3. Whenever you put beach pictures up there are never anyone in them. Where in the world do you go?! I would love to go to an area thats not crawling with people.

  4. A dog beach! How awesome! I remember taking our bulldog to one in Jacksonville, NC (Camp LeJeune,sp?) and she loved it.
    I love the baths as well and I'll get back into the habit this winter.


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