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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day One-Hundred-Four

Things I miss about Brandon (even though I told him I wouldn't!):

- Wrestling. Dexter isn't a very good opponent.
- Tickling. Mostly him tickling me... I'm not so good at tickling him. Ok, I don't miss the painful, fingers-digging-in-my-ribs tickling...
- A full load of laundry. I hardly have enough clothes to wash!
- Video games. Yeah, I miss playing WoW and Mario and even maybe that zombie game we played.
- Cooking for two. It was nice to be able to consult with someone and ask "What do you want for dinner?" I guess I ask Christina this sometimes... haha.

I miss lots of other things, of course, but those are a few things I didn't expect to miss. I can't miss ALL of him, right?

Anyway, quick day at work. Got one of my books from Paperback Swap, yay. I'd really like my Amazon books soon though!

And now I leave you with...

Space Kitty

What do you do with your deployment time?

1 comment:

  1. Hahahah, space kitty is too stinkin cute!
    I just work like a maniac and lay in my bed not sleeping. It's pathetic, but atleast I'm working right?? :)

    ..I liked the tickling part of this post best :)


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