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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day One-Hundred-Eleven

My sister is here!! We're sitting watching TV right now since it's late. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!

I had a busy day in preparation. I had to cram in a weeks worth of errands and chores into one day. So it was Spin class this morning followed by a run to the post office. Then back home I talked to Brandon for a bit before I took a shower. I was off to the grocery store. In between all this, I was cleaning and tidying the house. Later in the day, I actually organized my desk area. I'll take a pic soon to show you!

Anyway, after doing like 6 laps around the airport trying to find the entrance to the parking garage, I arrived, picked her up, drove off, and now we're home! Tomorrow will be a nice long beach day. :D


  1. Man, if it wasn't for. The bank/hotel fiasco I would have been in spin class too! Instead I just did the treadmill thing :) Glad your sister made it safe, hope you guys have a great time!

  2. I have to ask, what is spin class?

  3. The beach sounds awesome - have fun!!


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