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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day One-Hundred-Fifteen

Sorry, I have no pictures today. I got all caught up in our day and then drank a few glasses of wine with dinner... sooo, no photos.

But it was a good day!

This morning I had my regular dog training class. Jenny was nice to come with me and watch Dexter be an awesome puppy. Seriously, he's awesome. Even the trainers think he's the best. I love him for that! I like having a dog that likes to be good at things. ;) Yeah, I'm prideful.

After dog training, we left Dexter at Christina's and then we went to the Swap Meet down by the stadium. Jenny and Christina both got some nice dresses while I bought the cutest skirt. This is a new thing for me, I own like three skirts, all of which are more businessy then they are casual. Nothing I'd wear to the mall. Anyway, it was a nice time, though by the end of it we were sweating like crazy!

Following a quick trip to the NEX it was back home to get ready for our regular Saturday Night Dinner! Christina hosted an awesome fondue party (that was only interrupted for a little bit by a phone call from my depressed drunken father...) full of food and friends. It was a great time! Jennifer had a fun time too.

Now, I'm a bit tired, though the wine is making me feel energetic a bit... maybe I'll wind down with some HGTV, huh? :D

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