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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day Ninety-Six

Finally! Finally, I was able to get out of the house and do stuff. Thanks, Christina, for coming home. :D

The day started with sleeping in. Well, I woke up at 7:41am, which is major sleeping in for me, considering I wake up usually between 6 and 6:30. I was planning on going to DEERS to replace my lost ID card (blah), but since I woke up after they opened, I decided to do it tomorrow. So I chatted with Brandon, showered, and waited for Christina to bring Marcus over, because I was going to babysit for an hour or so. Babysitting went well! He's a good baby to take care of.

Afterwards, it was a quick run by the Thrift Shop and then down to Aloha Salads for some yummy lunch. We went shopping at Target and Costco before heading home. I relaxed at home for a bit and went on a walk with Courtney before going back to Christina's for a dinner of enchilada's.

Busy!! I have a good amount to do this week, I'm pretty excited. I do feel a bit overwhelmed because I have a lot to do, but I know I just need to make a list and start getting things done. I'm also having some issues at work, but I'll fill you in at a later date about that.

Hey, look at that number count going up! Almost to three digits, huh?


  1. I love watching your nuMbers go up : ) Youre kicking butt girl! Good luck with everything, lists always make things seem more attainable

  2. Whoohoo, 3 digits will be so exciting!! I really envy you for waking up so early each day, it would make running errands so much easier! Anyways, glad your day went well :)


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