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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day Ninety-Seven

I have a problem. A book problem.

In the last week, I've ordered 9 books. Four of these books are for research for my next novel, they are all on post-Civil War Victorian culture in America. That happens to be my favorite time period anyway, one that I enjoyed studying in college with my History degree. Three books are part of the Philippa Gregory's Tudor Series that I'm getting from, a website I joined while bored at work last week. Two more books were ordered today from Amazon (I had to get two to get the free shipping, of course), both of them on freelance writing and earning money in a freelance career.

Whatever will I do?

I'm in the midst of the second Outlander book, Dragonfly in Amber. After this book, I was planning on reading the next bookclub book, since it'll be historical fiction. Oh, plus all these other books I have about deployment that I have yet to crack open. All of this in the middle of the Fall TV season? I guess I need to prioritize!

On top of this book buying, which hasn't been as expensive as you think since I look for good deals, I've been getting the urge to buy other things. Like things I should wait until Christmas for. I know, I know. This happens every year. A few months before Christmas I get the itch for all these things. Right now, I want a desk. I'm eying one at Wal-Mart. I need to control myself!

In other news, life is going good. Some anxiety this morning, I'll tell you why a little later. I spent all day running around with Christina, got exhausted, came home and vegged in front of the TV. Maybe I could've been reading, huh? Haha.


  1. Haha.. decisions, decisions! Maybe since you have the urge to buy things, you could go ahead and start on your Christmas shopping for family/friends.. that might give you the fix you need :)

  2. I love Philippa Gregory's Tudor series! I've read them many, many times:)


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