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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day Sixty-Three

t's September 1st, an important day in our lives!

1. One year ago today, we arrived in Hawaii. So September 1st began our new lives in Hawaii. Actually, it was around this time at night a year ago that we landed. It was dark, we were exhausted and disoriented, but we were excited! Wow, we've been here for a year. Can you believe it?

2. Two months ago today, Brandon left for Iraq. Most days, it feels like it's gone by so quick. Some days though, it's tough. But hey, 2 months down! 10 months is a wonderful number. I can do 10 of a lot of things. It still seems unfathomable when I think about the rest of this deployment, but I know that if I can make it this far, I can make it even further. Thank goodness I have such a wonderful group of friends to spend time with!

3. Two years and three months today, Brandon & I got married. Yeah, he hates when I celebrate monthiversaries, but I do like to look back at it and smile. So hey, happy 27 monthiversary, Brandon! ;)

Today was another restful day. Sorta. I had a spouses club meeting all morning, then I worked out with Courtney, had lunch with Courtney & Michelle, walked the dog, vacuumed, mopped, watched a little bit of TV, read, edited... geez. Now I'm at Christina's house watching Big Brother after making a yummy dinner.

Oh! My sister Jenny is visiting next month. Yay! She'll be here for about 6 days and we'll be traveling all around the island. I'm very excited to have another visitor!

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  1. I would LOVE a year in Hawaii! At least I think I would. It must be better than all the snow in NY :)


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