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Monday, September 6, 2010

Day Sixty-Seven

I had a wonderful day!!

1. I got to sleep in. I locked Mr. Kitty out of the bedroom and locked Dexter in, because of his "incident" at Christina's house. Without Winston jumping around, scratching and chewing on things, I slept until nearly 7am! Yeah, that's sleeping in at this house.

2. I went on a fantastic bike ride. Just exhilirating. Working towards my goal of going up Kolekole Pass. I just felt great! And I went further than ever before. Now, it wasn't that far, but it was further, so I can't complain. And heck, that downhill ride just rocks.

3. I got to talk to Brandon for a good long time. I even got to see him on webcam, though he didn't get to see me! It's alright. We heard each other's voices for a bit. It's always a great way to start your day, talking to your best friend.

4. I went to a apolo match with Christina and her FRG. How cool is that? Polo is pretty popular here in Hawaii, I guess. There are a few polo leagues around the island. This game didn't draw a big crowd, but the games on the North Shore sure do. The Army team here was playing today! It was a good time watching the game, talking to people and eating good food.

5. I figured out my subbing stuff! Well, Christina and I did. The problem I was being hit with was to be called on the substitute teacher's automated list, I needed a local number. Well, I don't. We came up with the idea of getting a pay-as-you-go phone just for subbing. I'm so excited!

6. I ended the night with another short chat with Brandon. :D

It was a good day. We had tons of fun. The only bad thing? A very hyper puppy when I got home!

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  1. Subbing? I think I missed that one! If you start, let me know how it goes. I'm thinking of looking into it. I just don't know... After sort of having my own classroom, I can't imagine walking into someone else's for a day. Then again, it could be better... I'd only have to deal with them for a day! Ha!

    I'd kind of like to go to a polo match/game. I've never seen one before. I really need to get to doing/seeing things in Hawaii. =P


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