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Friday, September 3, 2010

Day Sixty-Four

September. Birthday month

It starts with Brandon's dad's birthday, which is today. I had to hustle and get a card and present, and of course remember to call!

Then it's Christina's birthday on the 13th, Brandon and my little sister Jessica's birthdays on the 18th, Marcus's birthday on the 21st, and rounding off the month is Brandon's little sister Mallory's birthday on the 24th. God help me if I have a kid in September.

I'm not looking forward to Christmas because of this whole being in Iraq thing. I asked Brandon what he wanted. After some deliberation ("You don't have to get me anything" "But I want to get you something" "I can just buy things here" "But I want to send you something"), he settled on a TV. He told me which one he wanted on Amazon, who ship free to APO just like anywhere else with the Super Saver Shipping, so I ordered it.

Then I got an email saying it was backordered until October 5th, at the earliest. Great. Brandon and I went back and forth about what to do. Finally, he decided to just get the same TV but smaller. I cancelled the first order and ordered this one. Tonight Brandon sees that the first one said it was In Stock. Ugh. Buuuut the second TV couldn't be cancelled. So he's stuck with the smaller one. Hope he enjoys it! Love you, babe.

I had a fairly good day, though it started out rough. Dexter and I played fetch and went on a walk, so he's been doing this all night:

Um, I love it!

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