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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day Seventy

Wow, another ten days down. It seems like I just wrote Day Sixty, and now I'm on Seventy? Sweet.

Things have been happening. Can't go into detail, but things have been happening. (Family, don't call and ask, I'll tell you later). I talked to Brandon this morning, but I wish he could have come on tonight like he usually does. Can't control it, though, huh? Always something going on!

Is it weird I want to see Beauty and the Beast on stage? They'll be here at the end of the month! Haha

I spent all day at Christina's house, pretty much. Dexter and I went over in the morning to watch Marcus, then we stayed through his nap, and then us humans went shopping while the dogs stayed back. We went to Subway, K-Mart, Godiva (we're part of their club and you get a free chocolate a month!), and then CostCo. Fun day haha. It kept me busy. When I got home, I watched the movie that I couldn't finish last night because of our fun power outage.

Now? I'm going to start watching Season 4 of Dexter (no relation to my Dexter). Finally got it on my Netflix! Oh, the things you look forward to when your husband is gone...

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  1. Chief has been watching Dexter on the Sub and said its awesome...Tell me why YOU watch it! I love that you do 1 blog a day. That's terrific. I am on a countdown for Chiefs deployment. :)


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