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Friday, September 10, 2010

Day Seventy-Two

I'm just going to jump right in.

While at the eye doctor's, waiting for the dilation medicine to kick in, I passed out and possibly had a seizure.

Let me explain. This will be long.

I went to the eye doctor's like normal, went in and he put the eye drops in that dilates my eyes. Remember, at my last appointment, I had to get my eyes dilated but couldn't because I had work. Anyway, he ushered me out to the waiting room to wait for 20-25 minutes while my eyes dilated fully from the medicine. I took out my nook to read and my phone to text. I got ready to wait!

A couple minutes later I started feeling weird. I even texted my little sister and told her I wasn't feeling good. The only way I can describe it is that it felt like a panic attack. Heart starting to race, feeling a bit lightheaded, breathing was off. I thought about going to the receptionist but decided to stay and try to relax. I did some breathing exercises to cam myself. After a few minutes of this I reached up to check my pulse on my neck, something I do sometimes after feeling weird for awhile. No pulse. So I reached down and grabbed my right wrist to check for that pulse.

That's the last thing I remember.

I woke up after a wacky dream, confused and disoriented. I saw a few soldiers looking down at me. I was still sitting in the same chair I had been the whole time. Thank goodness a medic had been nearby and rushed over once I passed out. I've fainted before, so once I figured out what was happening, I laughed it off and started making jokes. Then the medic asks if I've had a history of seizures. Um, no. Because I might have had a seizure. They make me stay seated where I was while they go do something, and I pick up my phone cover (my phone had fallen on the ground), and put away my nook. I started crying. It was sort of overwhelming, you know?

They ushered me back to one of the exam rooms to wait for Acute Care to come up and get me. They were giving me water, asking me questions, trying to get stories from the soldiers who had been around me. I was trying to compose myself a bit. It was sad... as they were walking me back, they asked, "Do you have anyone we can call?" and I said, "No, I don't have anyone." Wow, I never realized how alone I am!

Acute Care came up after about 15 minutes, grilled me some more, then wheelchaired me down to the Acure Care Clinic. I was stuck with an IV, got my blood pressure checked a billion times, got blood taken, pulse checked, more grilling, more tests, even got an EKG. I was there for a good hour and a half before the ambulance came to take me down to Tripler, the military hospital on the island.

At Tripler, it was more of the same. I had to tell the story of what happened a few more times to a few more people. Got my blood pressure checked, pulse checked, another EKG, some more IV fluids. The doctor came in and was surprised that I didn't make it down to the ER there until 3 hours after the incident happened. He ordered an CT Scan of my head, just in case, but he wasn't too worried about it. I was so hungry the whole time since I hadn't eaten since before my appointment and after my scan, they finally brought me some food. I devoured it!

I finally got cleared by the doctor. He explained to me that I probably didn't have a seizure. That when people passed out, sometimes they twitch a bit, and others think that it is a seizure. So yeah, probably no seizure. My phone died halfway through the day from all the texting I was doing so the nurse guy had to call Christina to come pick me up. Thank goodness she's an Army wife too!

So yeah, now I'm home. Courtney came over with some hamburger helper & sweet tea, what a sweetie. Oh! And during this all I was thinking, "How do I get a hold of Brandon?" I decided to call Michelle, who's husband works right beside Brandon. Luckily, she was actually online chatting with her husband. So she sent him on a mission to find my guy. Sadly, he was asleep and in his bedroom, and her husband didn't know exactly his room, so I'm still waiting on him to call me... I don't want to tell him over IM.

Thank goodness I have such a great group of friends. I don't know what I'd do without them! Oh, and some great sisters too! They all called me to make sure I'm ok, even the one who's 5 hours ahead of me. <3 all of you.

I'm doing fine now. I have a bad headache from not eating and a hyper puppy, who was left outside 5 hours longer than planned. I feel sort of out of it, but the whole day was a whirl. I'm just spacing out in front of the TV. I think I'll have a bath... I deserve that, right?


  1. Im so glad you have those friends too! Im sorry you went through that, and dont worry about the crying, I would have cried too! I hope you have a relaxing evening and you totally deserve a hot bath :)

  2. Hope today is a better day for you and you get to relax!

  3. Dang, that's scary. I've passed out 3 times and I can always feel it coming on. It's really really scary...and like you, I've laughed it off, I've never considered it being a seizure. It's happened in the shower twice (and talking to a mom I had just babysat about embarrassing!) Glad you're feeling better and I hope it doesn't happen again. I'm a new-ish follower :)

  4. I am glad everything turned out ok and that you have such awesome people there to take care of you. Take it easy and I hope you feel better soon :).

    by the way, I am not a new follower just new to the actually commenting part.


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