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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day Seventy-Seven

Today, I've decided that I'm ok with my body. Today, I feel good about my weight.

Some days, I don't feel comfortable about my weight. I went into college twenty pounds lighter than what I am now. But really, I was 18, not fully developed, had a high metabolism, etc. Over the years I gained 5lbs, then another 5lbs, and when I got injured and couldn't run anymore, I got close to the weight I am now. Really, I didn't hit this weight until I finished college, wasn't doing PT with ROTC anymore, and started living life how I wanted to.

In November I lost close to ten pounds but I couldn't keep it up. It was too close to Thanksgiving and Christmas! So now, I'm back to being twenty pounds then what my mind thinks I should be. I do wish I were ten pounds lighter but I don't try as hard as I should. I work out, sure, but not as much as I should. I try to eat less, but I really love food, so it's an issue sometimes!

But today, it's a good body image day. I think doing cardio kickboxing in the morning is what really got me going. I love love love kickboxing!! I feel so powerful and cool and in shape. Anyway, my body is hurting now and I'm completely exhausted, but it was worth it.

Today was filled with working out, shopping with Christina and then a Book Club meeting tonight! I'll be dog sitting Christina's dog for the next couple of weeks and Dexter is very excited, he loves wrestling with her. Well, he loves wrestling with any dog that will wrestle with him...

Ok, I'm too tired. Yawn! Time for bed.

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  1. Hye, stumble across your blog - somehow...anyway, ilitary One source has a Health program that you may find interesting. They send you cool fitness tracking things and information, and assign a Health Coach to you that calls weekly to check-in, answer questions, helps you establish short-term goals and gives you tips to help you stay motivated.

    I've been on the program for about a month and I've enjoyed the motivation i get from my coach!

    Good luck - You can do it!


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