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Friday, September 17, 2010

Day Seventy-Eight

Yay! 11 weeks down!! Take that, deployment!

Today was a busy busy day. The main highlight was our first spouse's club luncheon! I had the honor of bringing Sarah at G.I. Joe's Wife as my guest, and I think she had lots of fun. She must have, because she joined the club right afterwards! I also won a prize, but then I dropped it and it shattered... ah well. The luncheons are tons of fun!

Then, after watching hours of Dexter, I headed over to Courtney's house for a Pampered Chef party. And yeah, I bought too much stuff, but I really needed that pineapple slicer, food chopper, mixing bowls and scissors! :D It was a great night filled with lots of wine and lots of good food. Oh, and tons of gossip. Sarah also joined us for that!

Now I'm watching more Dexter and relaxing. The dogs have had a fairly calm day. I think they're getting used to each other being in the house and are not wrestling all the time. Poor Winston, though, he's ganged up on by both of them. He has to creep around very quietly to avoid being chased back up the stairs. I hope he doesn't pee somewhere in protest...


  1. Was the spouses club luncheon at the Nehelani club? Because I was next door at the Newcomer welcome :)


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