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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day Eighty-Six

There's something about a phone call from your husband that just makes everything feel better. For those 20 minutes, I didn't really feel sick at all. It's being able to hear his voice that just does something to me. Sure, we get to talk practically every day (and usually twice a day), but there's something about a phone call that just makes everything right.

I woke up sick but I wasn't going to change my plans. I was going to the mall today! Screw this head cold. I loaded up on food and water, did some chores, and then got ready to go to the mall. I went with Sarah from G.I. Joe's Wife (yeah, I think I'll keep referencing your blog until I get lazy!) and we had a good ole time! I needed makeup from Sephora, that was the biggest reason for going, but then we wandered around and got some lunch at Farrell's. Oh, and I got some olive oil dispensers from Ross.

When I got home, though, I got hit by my cold again. I was feeling horrible! I just laid on the couch and zoned out in front of the TV. Then I realized I hadn't taken any medicine for a bit! That was the issue. I took some Tylenol then tested my temperature. It came out to be 100.4F. Blah. I'm feeling a bit better now, though. Thank you, Tylenol! A nice, hot bath is in order soon.

Oh, before I forget! It's my sister-in-law's birthday today. Mallory, Brandon's little sister, turned 17 today. Yay! (I know, she's a lot younger than us! Haha). Her birthday marks the end of the crazy birthday month of September.

3 and a half more weeks until Jenny comes and visits. I'm excited to have a visitor! We're going to do so much, but it'll be great. I know she's excited too!


  1. It's ok. I still reference your blog too. =)

  2. Hi there ! I'm visiting your blog from Saturday around the world :) I'm from Paris, France.
    I love your blog ! Bisous !

  3. thanks for visiting my blog. yours is so cute!


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