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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day Eighty-Seven

I had a good laugh today! If you haven't noticed a trend, every week my friends and I get together for dinner. We each bring a dish and have a well-rounded meal. It's a great time! I just have so much fun hanging out with them, gossiping and laughing. We played Apples to Apples and a couple things just cracked me up (T-Rex's and Coconuts, haha). Then later, while Courtney Skyped with her husband, we switched their babies out to see if he noticed. (He did, don't worry). It was hilarious!

I forgot to mention something on Sunday! September 19th marks two years of my eyes! Haha. I got Lasik 2 years ago and have been living the life since. I looooveee my eyes. I love waking up and not having to bother with glasses. Frankly, it's the best $2800 I've ever ever spent in my life.

Notice anything different in this picture? Could it be the map on my head? Or maybe the fact that I look so young - like 19 years old young? Nope, it's the glasses I'm wearing! On my dependent ID, it has me in glasses and my friends don't even recognize me! It's pretty great.

Today marks one year of owning Dexter. Oh, I love this dog. He's known affectionately as my cuddle puppy, my lover puppy, my poopy puppy, Dexy, Dex, Dexy-doo, Little Boo... and so on. I love him! He drives me insane but that's ok.

Let me tell you how we got him: Brandon said we could get a dachshund, so I began the search as soon as we arrived on the island! Well, my mom directed me to a website much like Craigslist and I was clicking through the dog listings when I stopped on one of a border collie, my Dexter. The price was AMAZING for a pure bred border collie and he was just so cute. So I showed Brandon and soon enough, he was convinced! We hadn't moved in yet so we had to wait for a week. Oh, he was also on the Big Island, but the breeder flew puppies to Oahu all the time. Soooo the day he flew in I drove down to the airport, pulled him out of the crate and he just looked at me like "Hey! What's up?" No nerves or anything. Yep, that's my dog.

Look how small he is! He can only fit his head under there now. He used to be able to go under the bed too, it was so cute.

Most pictures I have of him are when he's asleep. This was one of the first pictures I took of him.

This is Dexter today! He's so well trained, I got him sitting down, staying and looking at the camera.

Anyway, it's a good day today. :D


  1. Here from Amanda and Don's Saturday's Around the World. I'm also an Army wife. I'm in Germany, and have for the last 5 it!

  2. I think I'm going to get Lasik. Was it very scary?

  3. Awwwww...I just love Dexters little face!!!

    I second WhisperingWriter's comment...did lasik hurt? I would love to get it also but Ive never heard anyones personal experience!


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