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Monday, September 20, 2010

Day Eighty-One

I didn't celebrate 10 days yesterday! So yay, another 10 days down!

This morning was a grumpy morning. Just grumpy. It might have been the cloudy/rainy day, but it could have also been the fact that the dogs got out and I had to chase them down the street screaming. This is what happened. I was about to go on my weekly bike ride when I realized I had forgotten my iPod. So I ran inside. When I came back out, both dogs ran outside. I decided that was fine, they'd stay in the backyard while I was gone. As I was locking the door, though, I realized too late that the gate was open still. Kimber trotted right out and Dexter followed her. I ran after them for a good long time until I finally caught Dexter. I turned back home, hoping Kimber would start following me, which she did, thank goodness. I cornered her at one point and grabbed her collar too... then it started to rain and I didn't go on a bike ride. Great.

Oh, and Brandon's car has been dead for the last week and I was going to jump it today when I found out that it could've been his starter that was broken. I freaked out a bit. His car, Burnie the Mustang, is his other "wife" and he loves it. I was charged with the sole responsibility of turning Burnie on every week. I forgot for a couple weeks... When I went to turn him on, he didn't work! But I jumped his car, with help from Courtney and some random neighbor guy named Jason, and the starter isn't broken!

Anyway, the day got better. Less grumpies, more having a good day. I watched a lot of TV, but that's ok. Then I ate pizza and watched a movie with Courtney. Oh, and I got to talk to Brandon, can't complain, right?

Oh! One last thing. Shannon, my next older sister, and I are doing a Biggest Loser competition. Whoever loses the most weight by Christmas gets a gift from the other person! Bring it on, sister. :P

(Um, how does Justin Bieber dance like he does? Geez.)

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