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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day Eighty-Nine

Since nothing exciting happened except work going by quickly today, I'm going to answer a couple questions I was asked from yesterdays post!

Q. Was Lasik scary?

A. Short answer, not really. Long answer... it was an interesting experience. They bring you back, give you some medicine to relax you (which I wish relaxed me more!) and then you go to the room. You lay down, they numb your eyes, they stick this thing in to hold your eyelids open, but you can't feel anything. Well, you could, but it didn't hurt at all. Just lots of pressure. And really, you can't see anything anyway. They're so close to your eyes, and you're blind anyway, that it isn't that scary. The weirdest part was when he cut the flap on my eye and I could see him opening it. Weird! Then a few shots of the laser (just a bright light) and it was finished and on to the next eye! All in all, about 20 minutes.

When you get home you take this sleeping medicine they give you and sleep for a few hours. For a few nights you have to wear these goggles to protect your eyes and you have to put in eyedrops constantly. Actually, for a couple months it's eyedrops, eyedrops, eyedrops. But I'm telling you, it's so worth it. Incredibly. I could start seeing better almost immediately and it improved from there. My left eye is 20/15, my right is 20/20. The only downsides are dryness and a bit of astigmatism left in my right eye that they couldn't get ride of. But it's worth it. The best $2800 we've ever spent!

Q. What's your novel about?

A. I'll try to tell you briefly, because I've been trying to work on that...

Once wealthy, Calista Hall wakes up to find her servants gone and her money gambled away by her alcoholic father. Desperate to keep her family intact and the debt collector off her back, she takes a job as a seamstress. When this isn't bringing enough money in, Calista rents out the empty rooms in her large manor. That's when Nathan and his young brother show up at her door, bringing along their own pasts and problems.

I won't tell you anymore. You'll just have to buy it haha. ;)

No, not published. No agent yet either. I'll keep you updated though!

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