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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day Eighty-Four

Kickboxing class sucked today. Our regular instructor, who is great and has an awesome class, was sick, so we had a substitute "teacher." Well, he didn't know what he was doing. Sure, he could do half the moves, but it was erratic, he wasn't following the beat of the music, and he was switching randomly. It looked like he was just doing whatever came into his mind. One of the regulars actually hopped up and helped us stretch, and during that time the class improved. But then the regular guy came back up. Anyway, after half an hour I couldn't take it anymore and just left. I don't usually walk out of things either! That's how bad it was.

Things improved throughout the day. I got massive editing done on my novel and will very very soon be done. Are you interested in being a proof-reader for my novel? You'll have to read it in a timely fashion, answer some questions and give your input. It'll actually be quite easy. Let me know! I also went grocery shopping and worked on the spouses club newsletter.

Then, FRG meeting. Oh, good old FRG. The information wasn't anything I needed to know, really, and I ended up sitting beside a screaming kid and gossiping ladies, so it wasn't worth it. Buuuut I did check the roster for my information and found out that I'm not even on it. Nowhere. Huh. It kind of makes me angry because if something had happened, what would they do? How would they contact me? I added my information, let's hope it's there next time.

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