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Monday, August 2, 2010

Day Thirty-Three

I was missing home a bit today. I'm a homebody, I like being home, and I got to looking at pictures of Dexter & Winston (yeah, even Winston...) and was missing them. I don't do well with change and leaving for vacation is just another change for me! It'll pass though. I was missing Brandon today too. I'd really like a big hug from him!

My mom left back to Colorado today and so begins my tourist time. I toured around Manotick on a self-guided walking tour. It was great! I spent three hours there and ended it with a little lunch at a local restaurant. Here are some pictures I promised!

Creepy dolls in my room:

Ford Model A, my grandpa restored it

Mom & I

Watson's Mill

Dickinson House - I want to live here!

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  1. Your grandpas Model A is pretty awesome! I love the house in the last pic too, its so cute and homey looking


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