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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day Thirty-Six

Ottawa is beautiful, Ottawa is fun, but holy crap, Ottawa is hot. You wouldn't think Ottawa would be hot, huh? It was cold the first couple of days (and by cold, I mean a bit chilly compared to my Hawaii climatized body). Then we got hit by a heat wave. And goshdarnit, it feels like Georgia. Humid and gross Georgia. My back is sweaty (yuck) and my feet smell. Yeah, my feet smell.

I did have something exciting to look forward to during this trip - visiting old friends! Today I went to the Museum of Civilization with my best friend from elementary school, Evangelia. We've known each other since we were six years old and it's like nothing has changed. We are practically the same person. We like the same things and have the same views on a lot of things (not everything... but hey, we aren't perfect!)

The museum was fun, though we didn't really see much as we spent the whole time sort of walking around and talking. lots of talking. We saw an iMax called Sharks. Anyway, I don't have many photos today, because I didn't stop to take many!

I only have two pictures of us together and the flash was so bright, they didn't turn out well. I'll hopefully get some tomorrow, seeing as we're having dinner again!

My cousin invited me out to a bar tonight with friends, yikes. I don't drink (or really go out...) but I think I'll tag along. I was feeling depressed earlier, so I might as well go out and keep myself busy!

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