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Friday, August 6, 2010

Day Thirty-Seven

Today went by so quickly! I'm glad for it too. I slept in a fair amount, mostly thanks to chatting with Brandon at 1:30am. I can't wait to be back in Hawaii time so we can talk at a reasonable hour! Then I lazed around for the morning reading blogs and reading books. For lack of food in the house, I went out to find some lunch, then after eating it, I went to start my day!

Today was the Museum of Nature. The museum is in this big castle-like building built 100 years ago. It's beautiful. Naturally, I spent more time taking pictures of the architecture than anything else. So here are my favorites:

Ok, that's more than a few... but I really like these photos!

Afterwards, I met up with Evangelia and our friend from elementary school Brittany for some dinner. After that, Evangelia and I met up with her boyfriend and their friends for drinks.... then we went to another bar haha. I had a couple drinks along the way (like in a span of 5 hours...) and they really weren't strong at all. I had fun!

Now it's 1am, I don't feel sleepy (too much sugar!!) and I'm chatting with Brandon... ah well, I don't have anything planned for tomorrow at all, so I can sleep as much as I want. Though I might hit up the Art Gallery... hmm...

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