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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day Thirty-Five

I'm like a grumpy old lady some days. I see couples kissing, hugging and holding hands, and my nose wrinkles in disgust. I see families, little babies or hear of births, and I shake my head. How can anyone be happy when my husband is thousands of miles away? Anyway, I have to check myself and push away that jealousy, because it isn't very productive. I can't be unhappy when others are happy. I should be glad that others don't have to go through what I'm going through, right?

Ok, back to what I did today. I went to Parliament! It was everything I remembered, and more.

(Not the best photo when it's small like this, but it'll do)

I was bathing in a historians dream ;). So I got there around 11am (slow morning, haha) and found out the next tour wasn't until 2:20! I had a mini panic attack until the guy told me you could do a tour of the East Block (there are three Blocks, the one in the picture is the Centre Block) in between and then do a self-guided tour of the grounds. Ok! He gave me the self-guide book and I set off before my first tour at 12:15.

Queen Victoria. They have statues of her and Queen Elizabeth II, as well as all the Prime Ministers and other important guys.

The outside of the library. It's neo-Gothic architecture. Amazing!

So the East Block was cool! Afterwards, I walked downtown to get some lunch. Then it was back for my tour at 2:20 of the Centre Block.

Inside the rotunda. The sculpting inside was fantastic.

I got to see the House and Senate rooms as well as inside the library. I was pretty excited. After the tour, I went up the Peace Tower. It started pouring rain so I couldn't see much of Ottawa and I had a bit of a panic attack when I realized I'd have to walk back to my car in the rain! I had a few panic attacks today, haha. Luckily when I exited the doors, it was starting to get sunny. Thank goodness!

It was a good trip. I had planned to go to the Museum of Civilization, but hardly had any time, so that's for tomorrow. I did have a horrible time driving my grandpa's truck. First, the parking break said it was on when it wasn't. Second, it said the door was ajar when it wasn't. I stalled out a couple times because the whole truck shook every time I shifted gears. Parking it was a b!tch... paying for parking was even worse, though I expected it, I suppose.

I did fine on my own, too! See? I don't need someone to go with me to still have fun. I could think about things, enjoy the sights and not worry about anyone but me.

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