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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day Forty-Seven

What a day...

First, I wake up to a puking dog. Not the first time, but it's not like I enjoy it. I was sleeping soundly for once until I hear him starting to puke. My eyes shoot open, I rush over to hear yelling "No!" Poor dog gets scared, runs off a bit, pukes right beside my bed, of course. Once he finished, he started making puking sounds again, so I rushed him into the bathroom - because tile is easier to clean than carpet. Luckily, he didn't puke until after I put him outside later. After I cleaned up after him and got a little break... he poops on my carpet. Poor puppy is sick today. And yeah, he likes making messes on the carpet, not on the hardwood floor or tiles...

Then later, my card gets declined twice. Never happens. So as Christina and I were driving to see a movie (The Expendable's), I called USAA. I guess someone had my number and bought some stuff at Target in California. The same thing happened to Christina just a few days ago! So yeah, that was fun. Now I have to do some extra work changing our automatic bill pay on all kinds of things...

Later, when I got home I checked the mail - and there was one of the packages I had sent Brandon. We had no clue where it was, and I guess the guys in Iraq had no clue where he was, so they sent it back. At least I know where the package is now and can send it back to him!

Buuut I got a free book in the mail! I had won a contest off a fellow writer's blog, check her out at Kelly L. Stone. Anyway, it's a historical romance novel. Yay. Can't wait to get into it! Not until I'm done with Outlander though....

So yeah, what a day. It was a good day, all in all, but a ton happened!

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  1. Historical romance novel?! Sounds right up my alley! What's the name of it? =)


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