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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day Forty-Nine

Hi from Christina's house! We made dinner and watching Big Brother, our not-so-secret addiction. She's my deployment wife lol.

Bad news: My mom had to go to the hospital again today. She's had chest pains and heart problems for over a year and a half, and last night she was having really bad chest pains, so they went to the ER. She had to get another angiogram and they had been talking about having to do a bypass. Luckily, I guess, they only had to put another stent in. No bypass! Anyway, she's tired and frustrated, but doing well otherwise.

I got a lot done today. Did some editing, cleaning, laundry, walking the dog, catching up on TV, writing, and so much more. It was a good day to get things done. Then of course, dinner here.

My work out today was Cardio Kickboxing! It's such a fun class. I absolutely love it. Maybe more than Spin...

BTW, all the combat troops left Iraq today! Yay! Um, not really. But I won't get into it. It's just ridiculous.


  1. Ugh. That whole thing irritates me. =/ Have YOU been told that they're going to take away hazard pay?? It may be just a rumor, but you never know...

  2. I've been amazed at the amount of people who are surprised to hear that we still have soldiers heading over to Iraq or who are currently still's driving me nuts!

    Hope your mother feels better!

  3. I was saying the EXACT same thing. They've been hyping it TONS here because 2 ID's 4th Brigade is based out of here. I'm like...I know at least 3 infantry brigades over there right now....


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