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Friday, August 27, 2010

Day Fifty-Seven

I've been communication-spoiled. The last couple of days, Brandon hasn't been on as regularly, and it's bothering me! Haha. It shouldn't bother me, I can't expect him to be online all the time, especially with the internet there, but I've been spoiled since he left. :P Oh well, it's just one more night. I just hate having things to tell him and not being able to! And then I totally forget what I wanted to tell him... (Oh, there he is!)

Right now I'm babysitting. Christina had a coffee to go to, so I'm watching Marcus entertain himself with a plastic bottle. He's been real good tonight, no complaints. I fed him, I played with him, and now he's keeping himself busy.

Today I got to do one of those great work training orientation things. You know, learning policies, sitting through stuff, spacing out, group activities, etc. It wasn't so bad and we got out early, so I can't complain too much. I just spaced out a lot and developed a headache as a result.

We hit 8 weeks today. It's been a good 8 weeks! Both Brandon and I agree that it's gone by quickly. I hate to wish away a year, but I keep thinking about when he gets home and I get so excited about it, I want the next 10 months to fly by.

Not much else to say tonight! Hope everyone is doing well!

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