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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day Two


The phone rings. My eyes shoot open and I look at the clock, noting the time. Of course, it has to be Brandon. He said he'd call me when he landed, and while I expected it to be sometime during the night, 6am is fine with me. At least I got to sleep a bit.

I grabbed my phone, however, and saw my friend Michelle's name instead. My eyebrows knit. Why was she calling so early? Last time she called early (like 4am early) was because there was a "tsunami" coming and she had to be evacuated along with some other friends. They wanted to come to my house since I live at higher ground. Seriously, no joke. I blogged about it right here.

Anyway, I answer the phone.

"Hey, Chantal, I'm sorry if I woke you up!" Michelle said.

"No, that's ok, I was already awake. Dexter woke me up." I look at Dexter, who's panting with a big smile on his face, his front paws on the bed. He reaches out to me and I swat him away. "What's up?"

"Um, well, my water broke."

My mind was reeling. Does she need me to pick her up? What about her doula? What about her husband? Where was he? What date was it? This is so exciting!

"Well, cool!" What else do I say? I'm half asleep.

"Yeah... can you do me a favor?" Of course I can! "Can you come get Kona and bring him to the kennel? I've put his bed, food and medical records on the counter so it's all ready. I also put the key under the mat, so you can just come down whenever you have time and get him. Do you work today? It's ok if you do. Just whatever you can do is fine." She sounds tired. I look at the clock again.

"Um, yeah, I can do that," I say, "I don't work until later this morning, so I'll head down there. Where was the key again?" I had only heard half of what she said. My brain was muddled from sleep and too many thoughts.

"Under the mat."

"Ok! Easy enough! Well, good luck." She said thanks. I wasn't sure what else to say after that and there was a moment of awkward silence. "Um, I'll talk to you later then. Have a good day." We hung up.

Have a good day? Geez. Of course, she'll have a good day, save for the whole giving birth thing...

Welcome to the world, Nolan William!

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