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Friday, July 23, 2010

Day Twenty-Two

3 weeks in. 3 weeks in! Yay! Soon it'll be a month, and then two months, then a whole more months until the year is up and Brandon is home again. Now we have 49 weeks left until a year is up. What can I do 49 of? Hm... I can throw Dexter's ball 49 times. Not that I like to. He sure loves it though!

We got some bad news today. I can't go into details quite yet, but it left me a bit shaken all morning. No, don't worry, Brandon is just fine. Everyone we know is just fine! But certain news leaves you a bit on edge, ya know?

Anyway, today was a good day. I guess now I define days by good or bad! I chatted with Brandon for a good half hour this morning (always brightens my day!) and then went to work. Work really wasn't that horrible. Our boss brought some Kalua Pig in so the entire office smelled like it all day. Ugh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I love that stuff!! Tomorrow I'll be spending a good amount of time at my friends house watching her 10 month old. It'll be fun :D

Now, for some links.

First, I mentioned this in my old blog a couple months ago. I had submitted a story to Six Sentences. The goal is to write a short story in just six sentences. So I submitted this: The Other Side. I dunno if it counts me as being published, but I like to think so, as plenty of people read it. :)

I kept forgetting all week to say I submitted another one. Check this one out: A New Family. Tell me what you think of both!

And of course, back to my BLOG GIVEAWAY! I got a few more comments, thanks everyone! Yep, you're doing fine, just comment whatever you want. Even if you say "comment" you count as a submission. No purchase necessary. ;)

Time for bed! Night Night!

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