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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day Twenty-Seven

I had some insightful things to say today. I was at spin class this morning torturing myself while dreaming dreams. I like to think of what I'll write in my blog every night. It's kind of fun. I come up with witty things to say and then I laugh and think "Yeah, that's definitely going in! My readers will love it!" Then I get down to it and can't remember half of what I wanted to say.

Anyway, today is a good deployment day. You know those days, right? When you wake up and you don't feel sad (ok, I felt a little sad seeing as it was before 6am...), you go on with your day without too much of a worry. Heck, I haven't even spoken to Brandon once today, but it's ok. Yeah, I miss him. I always miss him. I have a piece of me that's half a world away, literally. But really, today is a good deployment day. I hope to have more Day Twenty-Seven's.

I had spin class, and then I drove Dex to the beach on the North Shore for a little walk. He ran straight into the water, it was so funny. I'm gonna miss this dog when I'm gone. After a quick trip to Matsumoto's for shave ice, we were back home to clean the house (I always clean before I leave) and to relax a bit. Then I had to run to the PX & commissary for last minute snacks and essentials. Afterwards, I went to Christina's to chill. Our friend Janelle was there and Michelle came over with Nolan after a bit. Once everyone else left, Christina went out to get some Thai food, which sadly I could barely eat because I stuffed my face with pita chips earlier. Whoops.

Now I'm home. I'm doing laundry, the last thing I need to do before packing. After this, I'm going to watch a movie and chill until the laundry is all done. Tomorrow is the day!

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