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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day Twelve

I'm in a funk.

Normally, I separate the colors and the lights, but I don't anymore... mostly because I don't have enough laundry. Normally, I keep the house tidy, and I've let it fall apart a bit... though if you walked in, I'm sure you'd think it's fine, but not to me!

Normally, I use the time when Brandon is gone as a time to experiment with cooking and new foods. Since he's gone, I haven't even wanted to cook. I haven't had inspiration! All I want to do is eat out... which isn't odd, because a month before Brandon left we ate out more times than we should have. I feel so much better when I eat at home, but I just don't have the motivation. Tonight I'm eating fish and leftover Rice-A-Roni, and salad, but I don't even want that. I don't feel too hungry, but I know I need to eat.

I don't feel depressed, but I have a mental block. My brain just needs to get into a routine or something. I am missing my husband. I haven't talked to him in a day (I know, soooo long, huh?), but when we've talked, it isn't exactly what I'm looking for in our conversations. I don't know what I'm looking for, but something's missing. I just want to talk to him!

So... now that I have 50 followers, I actually need to have that contest of mine. I can't do that until I buy a prize! Soon, soon, be patient :D.

Shout out to Sarah at G.I. Joe's Wife who came into my work today. I introduced myself and probably scared her with how much I know about her. When she left, I explained my blog/forum activities to my coworker, who asked me how the heck I keep up with all these blogs. I do! I read every blog post every day (even if it's just a quick look over) and I try to respond sometimes. I check my blogs once in the morning and then keep up with the ones I missed until the end of the day. Yep, no life.

Today, my friend Courtney (visit her blog here) had to go to the hospital to be induced. She's due July 18, but she has signs of pre-eclampsia and they don't want to risk it, so they're inducing her. Keep her in your thoughts and hopefully we see baby Connor soon, healthy and strong!


  1. Sorry you're missing your husband. Hopefully u get to talk to him again soon!

  2. I know you know this... but how you're feeling is completely normal. I practically live on soup when my hubby's gone. I cook for the kids but I don't eat it.

    I'll keep your friend in my prayers. I had preeclampsia with my second and its stressful.


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